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  1. OBBL 2018 Apertura information thread

    Team: Norse, The Mad Manglin' Skandihoovians Models acquired, some still need assembly, all still need paint. Team is on Ordo Bowl Liked and followed New team. ARE YOU SATISFIED NOW, WEAV?
  2. The Infinity Run

    Battle Kiwi is some seriously sexy terrain.
  3. New to Infinity

    ... and focus on my magnificent face! Truly, one of humanity's greatest gems. A UNESCO site in the making.
  4. New to Infinity

    Rough? I wasn't even there yesterday! How rough can it be without my rowdiness? Y'all were perfectly fine until I started showing up. :P In all seriousness, ignore my dorky ass, and welcome to the club.
  5. The Infinity Run

    I was about to say models, because OFCC is going to be here before you know it, but... terrain, because OFCC is going to be here before you know it.
  6. New to Infinity

    Is that what you call it, Pete? Contributing? :P
  7. Infinity at the 2018 OFCC

    You may want to fix that bit.
  8. Rumble Prep Tournament at Fate & Fury Games Feb 17th

    Honestly, why the Malignos? You want hackers able to defend that Unidron link, since they're all hackable, and to be able to put Assisted Fire on them (plasma weapons that ignore all aspects of cover are really mean. ) Why not make that Nexus a hacker and swap the Malignos for something like a BSG or a Noctifer ML?
  9. Rumble Prep Tournament at Fate & Fury Games Feb 17th

  10. Rumble Prep Tournament at Fate & Fury Games Feb 17th

    That said, you may not want the kind of "friendliness" @George gives.... sometimes, cuddles give way to other things. Just... be prepared, is all.
  11. Blackjack question

  12. Blackjack question

    Yes, Nate is correct, because that's something I always forget about. I am derp. If he goes unconscious, you can heal him with a doctor.
  13. Blackjack question

    I'm with RD. Wounds, so I'd say doctor. As nice as it would be to have another target for Test Run, docs restore wounds, engineers restore STR.
  14. Game Night: Feb 11th. Unmasking

    Is this a legitimate concern?
  15. Infinity at the 2018 OFCC

    Cool. Now I just need to find a new team... le sigh...