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  1. Sunday, August 20th

    I agree. But he went with what the computer system said, so I didn't argue. I was about to drop at that point anyway, but I gutted it out, mostly because I knew I'd come in last and get my $10 back. Gift card, but I still got it back.
  2. Sunday, August 20th

    Meh. It happens. I expect to be there on Sunday.
  3. Sunday, August 20th

    Eh... dead last. Not real happy with the way things went. Scenarios were Rescue, Nimbus Zone, and Engineering Deck. I lost the Rescue because I was derpy and didn't play to the scenario, drew a bye on Nimbus Zone because there were an odd number of players, and Engineering Deck, well... So bless his heart, Jon Polley was running the show. Now, I think highly of the man, and I don't doubt for a moment that this was a compete mistake. There's no way he was trying to pull some BS "Gotcha!" on us. But he altered Engineering Deck to have the same strip of difficult terrain that the other two scenarios have. No low vis or saturation zones, no exclusion, just difficult terrain. Problem was, he was having trouble getting his event writeups to work right online, so when he finally did get them up, he'd forgotten to mention ahead of time that this was the case. As a result, the list I made for that scenario - which was built around a Bolt link - got pretty seriously nerfed. Coupled with going up against an ALEPH player who just kicked the crap out of me, I didn't do so hot. Had I known in advance about the alteration to the scenario, I probably wouldn't have played NCA. I feel almost like Vanilla PanO might have done better for me.
  4. The Infinity Run

    Why would you do that to new players, Eric? I mean, I understand you spanking me like that, I enjoy it, but you're supposed to ease the new people in.
  5. Sunday, August 20th

    Well, if he plays 40k, he can't possibly be as awesome as myself. I'll allow it.
  6. Sunday, August 20th

    Jeff? I wasn't there... are you guys seeing someone else named Jeff?!? I thought we had something special...
  7. Sunday, August 20th

    Except for Jay. He's a bad man, and you should never, EVER, under any circumstances, accept the candy he offers. Trust me. I found that out the hard way.
  8. Getting back into things.

    I know that Jake resigned from being a warcor. I used to play at RC a little, but it really didn't feel like a particularly strong community. This is a good time to get back into the game. Fate & Fury Games up in Vancouver is about to start a month long escalation league at the end of August, and then at the end of September, Raindog is starting one leading up to the Rampage. The community is really strong right now.
  9. Transmission Matrix: Tactics

    I hate that scenario. When I play Ariadna, I go for what that author describes as an "analog" list. The problem with that is that it leaves you very, very vulnerable to guided missile shots. Hacking in that scenario isn't fun, either. Knowing that any hacker I bring, anywhere on the board, can be targeted and have his brains blown up, really makes me not want to bring hackers. The only way to control that scenario is to kill all of your opponent's hackers, and that can be really hard to do. If you're playing something that's dependent on HI, TAGs, or REMs to be successful (MO, ISS, Onyx, etc.) you can't even friggin' move. I hate TM almost as much as I hate Biotechvore (and my hatred for that scenario is pretty well legendary in its own right.)
  10. Infinity: Fall Escalation League 2018

    ...Is that your way of telling me I should try playing CHA again?
  11. Infinity Boot Camp! September 17th

    You do. Something like these would look rather fetching...
  12. Infinity: Fall Escalation League 2018

    Jay, if this is pants-required, you can join me in the unbifurcated garment revolution. We will protest mightily in our man-skirts against the tyrannical oppression of trousers!
  13. Infinity: Fall Escalation League 2018

    After looking at the schedule for the season, not counting the playoffs, I'll probably only have to completely miss one game night, everything else I can make, just be a bit on the late side for. So I should be able to be there.
  14. Infinity: Fall Escalation League 2018

    Yeah, but your team doesn't wear the same color shirts as mine does, so your team sucks! Woo! My team forever!
  15. Infinity Boot Camp! September 17th

    How late do you plan on keeping the club open for this? I might have someone to bring, if it's still open by the time I'm done watching the game.