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  1. Sgt. Rock

    Infinity at the 2018 OFCC

    You don't *have* to bring two lists, you know...
  2. Sgt. Rock

    Rudra's Super Special Infinity Blog

    Speaking of which... We need to have team talk. PM me or something.
  3. Sgt. Rock

    The Infinity Run

    How late are you going to be there?
  4. I wish I could come. 😥 Moving sucks.
  5. Sgt. Rock

    Rudra's Super Special Infinity Blog

    I do, too.
  6. Sgt. Rock

    Rose City Raid Tickets

    Still works.
  7. Sgt. Rock

    4/22 Game Night and League

    Have fun, gang. I'll be back in a couple weeks.
  8. Sgt. Rock

    Rose City Raid Tickets

    Self adhesive velcro tape. You can put it on any bag to make a strip for patches.
  9. Sgt. Rock

    OFCC Teammate needed

    So with OFCC fast approaching, we should all know who's going to be on our team. Trouble is, I don't. @rudra34 and I need a third. We have an absolute last resort offer, but she'd rather let someone else play. Anyone want to be our third? We have good taste in beer, and we're mostly hygienic.
  10. Sgt. Rock

    The Infinity Run

    Not giving your fireteams a lot of orders to work with, are you? Is the Muyib team in group one supposed to be mostly defensive?
  11. Probably won't make it out for the rest of the month. Too much to do for our move.
  12. Sgt. Rock

    Ariadna Advice

    Oh, yeah, the Symbiomates. Really nothing you can do about those little bastards. They're annoying as hell. I'd just throw him in as an additional murder machine. As you say, CHA is cheap enough that you don't need to build your list around any one model. Like you said, he *has* to be dealt with, because left unchecked, he can kill half your opponent's army. And anything that eats up your opponent's orders in dealing with is a good thing. Even if he doesn't kill anyone, if he forces your opponent to burn through 6 or 8 orders to kill him, he's done his job.
  13. Sgt. Rock

    Ariadna Advice

    You're not going to just outshoot a TO or ODD model in Ariadna without being extremely lucky. That -6 is too hard to overcome, on top of everything else they might have going on. Remember, Galwegians aren't your only chain rifle option. SAS with the chain rifle/assault pistol is a phenomenal option, because he starts halfway up the board in camo state. Not so great against anything with MSV, but still good. This is where McMurder and Cameronians come into their own, as well. The combination of a 6-4 move with super jump and total immunity makes them great at racing up the board in a hurry and taking down things that have vision mods. If you're playing vanilla, Chasseurs. Chasseurs are borderline broken, and if you learn how to use them, you will make people hate you. Also, while half of ALEPH's stuff is beastly in melee, the thing with TO or ODD, it doesn't work in CC. Achilles can easily be taken down by a swarm of Galwegians. SAS and Uxia are great for carving up shooty characters. As far as Symbiobeasts go, they're a pain, for sure, but remember, they're G: Synchronized. If you can kill their controller, they stand around drooling. Otherwise, remember, as in all things, high burst weaponry is your friend. Anything B4 or more is going to help you win FtF rolls. Tohaa *hate* T2 and fire, and most of them suck in CC, and they also hate template weapons because of all the fireteams that have to stick close together. I have nuked quite a few triads with light flamethrowers and chain rifles. CHA has two main strengths, honestly. T2 in large quantities and good CC capability. Berserk in spades, NBW on the Wulvers, and MA2 on the SAS all are good for tearing things apart. Also, remember McMurder is a close combat beast. CC 23, MA3, PH 16, and an AP+DA CCW. Actually, now that I think about it, McMurder really does solve a LOT of CHA's problems. Seriously. Use him liberally.
  14. Sgt. Rock

    Ariadna Advice

    I honestly have never tried a Grey fireteam, because CB can't be arsed to give us models for it. The Izzy+Grey+Vols is so good I've never really missed it, though.
  15. I really can't compete... it's true, RD is the loudest of all of us.