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  1. I want to make it, but it's unlikely. Got some stuff to do that I've put off for too long, and now it's last minute crunch time.
  2. "This is Chaos turned up to 11, then turned up some more, until the dials fall off and start leaking blood." I don't think I've ever seen or heard a more metal sentence than that. In fact, Chaos in general is starting to look more and more like a Judas Priest album cover gone horribly wrong. I like it.
  3. So at last year's OFCC (I was there for Infinity) I overheard something at the awards ceremony about sacrificing a model and putting it in the cannon. What's the deal with that? I'm thinking about coming out to play this year, but if I have to lose a model for it (because lord knows I won't be winning any awards) I'm hesitant.
  4. I could possibly be convinced of this, if I had a better idea of when it's starting. Right now, my collection is a little too sparse for me to be spending a lot of time on the table.
  5. That sounds like fun! I just always felt like including someone like Ghazghkull or Marneus or something like that in anything short of an apoc match was dumb... like, these guys are important, they got better things to do than babysit your ass during a 2000 point engagement. 😛
  6. Alright, cool. I just wanted to make sure; I know 40k can sometimes get competitive in ways I'm not real keen on. I'm an old school player (I started in 3rd ed) so things like knights and the fact that named characters are de rigeur are foreign concepts to me. 😛 I just don't want to show up with my meager little collection of Crimson Fists and get stomped into the dirt in a way that's not fun.
  7. I'm half considering coming out for 40k this year, since there seems to be no Infinity event brewing. But I'm the filthiest of casuals, is there a place for a scrub like me at OFCC? I've been to the Infinity event twice, and I know how loose and fun that is, but I'm only just getting back into 40k.
  8. Nah, we're ALWAYS happy for new blood, and someone is always down for a teaching game or three. To be honest, your first couple games should probably only be around 100-150 points, and even then, keep it simple. Learn first about movement, firing, orders, AROs, basic [big bad swear word]. I'm sure someone will be there to help you out. (I, of course, have abandoned the Ordo crew in favor of other things... I'd rather stay home and do housework than keep company with those wretched degenerates. 😛 )
  9. Are you referring to Rumble on Route 66 or Sunday's Ordo Infinity? Because the answer to both is yes, but committing to a trip to New Mexico for two or three days for the biggest Infinity tournament in the US might be a little much for a new player. 😉
  10. I know that George, Joe, and I believe John from Fate & Fury are going to be there.
  11. I would posit that Infinity brings a fourth opponent to the table: time. You only have three turns to accomplish your goals. I can't count the number of games I've played where if I'd only had one more turn I would have won. But that "one more turn" just isn't there. When building lists, it's important to consider the compressed timetable of the game, and make sure that you know what pieces need to be where doing what at what time. Specialist A needs to be at Objective X by the bottom of turn two. Striker Piece B needs to be in the midfield in suppressive fire by the bottom of one. When do I bring in my AD troops? Do you bust them out on turn one, when you've got orders to burn, or save them for a Hail Mary at the end of the game? It's very important in Infinity to understand the timing of the game. In 40k, you have 4 or 5+ turns to accomplish goals, rack up points, and just flat out decimate your opponent. With few exceptions, in Infinity, you are on that compressed timetable, and killing your opponent is usually only important insofar as it facilitates accomplishing the mission objectives, i.e., I need to take out that sniper so that my specialists can move up to the objectives safely. It can be VERY easy to get caught up in the bloodlust of trying to murder your opponent's doodz, but remember that every order you spend shooting at bad guys is one less order you can spend accomplishing objectives. You need to know when to fish or cut bait; sometimes, if you've spent the last 3 orders trying to root out that dug in target, maybe it's time to try a different tactic, because if you spend 6 or 8 orders trying to take a target down, you've hamstrung yourself for the objectives.
  12. A shekel is the standard monetary unit of modern Israel. Roughly equivalent in purpose to a dollar, though decidedly not in value. Shekels were also common currencies in various middle eastern and Mesopotamian cultures throughout history.
  13. So I'm surprised @George never posted this (Jesus, dude, do I gotta do everything for you? 😛 ), but there's a tournament on Saturday at Fate & Fury. 300 points, 2 lists, no extras. Unmasking, Supplies, and Decapitation. $15 entry ($10 if you're in the league at the store.) I know it's short notice, but y'all should come play with us!
  14. Yeah, it's actually nice that they were up front about it this time around. In years past, they'd just slide it in under the radar, and we'd just keep buying, like the proverbial frog in a pot of boiling water.
  15. GW actually announced this a month or so ago. They were pretty open about it. They also increased the prices of Citadel paints pretty much across the board. Even at $90-95, they're still a really good value for what you get.
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