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  1. Sgt. Rock

    Emerald City Incursion Mark II

    Yeah, they got real persnickety with us. That store used to be my old Infinity store when I lived in Seattle, but I'm not sure it would be if I still lived up there. Still, big fat kudos to Andy for running a great tournament.
  2. Sgt. Rock

    Emerald City Incursion Mark II

    Seriously? They got after you for THAT? My god.
  3. Sgt. Rock

    Ariadna dice?

    Weird ask... does anyone have the Ariadna dice from either the USARF or Coldfront boxes that they'd be willing to part with? I want to have a full matched set, because 3 just isn't enough. Let me know, we can work out a trade or something.
  4. Sgt. Rock

    Elf Union

    Dang, bro, if those weren't elves, I'd say they look awesome! But they are, so I can only give you so much credit for them. 'Cuz, y'know, elves suck.
  5. Sgt. Rock

    The Infinity Run

    So I just listened to Judas Priest's cover of "Diamonds and Rust" yesterday at work and the first line of your post got that going in my head... "We both know what memories can bring, they bring ALEPH and rust..."
  6. Sgt. Rock

    ISO Tentacle-style Drones

    Yeah, something like eBay is probably your best bet, and be prepared to pay for 'em. Not everyone wants those drones, but those who do, WANT THEM. Maybe try Bartertown?
  7. Sgt. Rock

    Data Entry - An attempt at a blog thing

    I agree about the ojotnik. But I still say infiltrating snipers are tricky enough to use that they're kind of an advanced tactic. Or maybe that's just because I'm bad at the game.
  8. Sgt. Rock

    Data Entry - An attempt at a blog thing

    Alright, fine, infiltrating camo snipers are good when used properly. They're just so tricky to use, though, that I tend to just discount them in favor of stuff that's got a broader application. Which sucks, because I really want my Scout AP Sniper rifle to be good, but I'm just not good enough to use him properly.
  9. Sgt. Rock

    Data Entry - An attempt at a blog thing

    I can understand not using Spektrs, because they're so damned expensive (though everything but the MSR and basic combi are worth what you pay for) but not using Clipsos? Those are one of the best units Tohaa has! I mean, I'm biased, coming from Ariadna and all, but camo infiltrators can be game changers (and game winners, for that matter.) Try bringing the Spektr next time, especially the KHD. Sure, he's not an Interventor, but I'm pretty sure that the only hacker in the game that's better than Interventors is Mary Problems, and even that's debatable. The KHD Spektr is WIP 14, and has the advantage of surprise shot coming out of TO camo. Super solid. Also, grenades are [big bad swear word]ing awesome, especially on warbands. They can make great direct fire, FtF weapons, too. Some of them are pretty situational (the Igao's stun grenades, for example... probably only of value against multiple wound models with total immunity, because stun ammo is exotic, hence Loup Garous carrying flash grenades.) I have used grenades of all types to good effect in the past; linked LGLs are awesome, though perhaps not in triads because all you get is the +1 burst that gets negated by spec fire anyway. I've used Dog Warrior grenades to force a FtF roll if someone tries to dodge my chain rifles. And yeah, E/M grenades are stupid good, especially if there's no engineer handy. Grenades of various sorts don't seem to be commonly included in high-cost, low model count factions, though; Tunguska only has the one source of smoke grenades on Perseus and that's it, am I right? But yeah, try the infiltrators & FD guys. And with MI getting it in ITS X, try a Grenzer haris; take a spitfire and then a forward observer to push buttons. A B5 spitfire escorting a specialist and deploying 16" up the board is nothing to sniff at. Rambo runs with Krizas and Hollow Men are great, but if they lose a gunfight, you've lost the tip of your spear, and since you'll probably not have both of them due to their expense, you're kinda up [big bad swear word] creek at that point.
  10. Sgt. Rock

    ECI Prep Tournament at Fate & Fury Games

    Thanks. I can already feel the ravages of age setting in... no doubt the reaper is counting my minutes at this point. I probably ought to put my affairs in order.
  11. Sgt. Rock

    ECI Prep Tournament at Fate & Fury Games

    Sorry. Saturday is my birthday, and there will be drinking and carousing with friends and family. Maybe next time.
  12. Sgt. Rock

    Raindog's Rampage: 2018

    I'll be there. Probably a bit rusty, but I'll be there no less.
  13. Sgt. Rock

    Codices or Indices

    If you're planning on using Kill Team as an intro, you won't need a codex or index for that. All the info you need is in the core book (and the upcoming commanders expansion.) Kill Team is a blast, and it really is a great place to dip your toes in. I'm enjoying it a lot.
  14. Hey man, there still room on the waitlist for ECI? I think I wanna try and get in after all, if someone drops out.

    1. Khail


      Hey Jeff,

      I'll definitely put you on the list, but you're #4 on there. Go ahead and fill out the registration form to make it official. 

  15. Sgt. Rock

    Who'd play H'Orks (as in Horde Orks)

    I've only played one game of 8th yet (and I don't even have my models assembled enough to play another) so take this with a pound of salt, but after playing with Orks for many years prior to quitting 40k last time, I never got any grief for running green tides, nor have I ever given anyone any. As long as you're not in a tournament (which is the perspective I'm coming from, as a Filthy Casual) then the golden rule applies; don't be a douche. Be considerate of your opponent's time, use the aforementioned preparations, etc. Personally, I don't give a damn if you take a little longer on your turn as long as you can tell a good joke or two in the process. The game is about having fun, and that's not just about what's going down on the tabletop. Be considerate, be fun, and let the pieces fall where they may.