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  1. Tuesday at Ordo

    Kind of have a game already but we will be there playing a league setup if you want to join in.
  2. So Luther escaped...

    Wonder if Luther will Be a model release alongside the Lion?
  3. So Luther escaped...

    So it appears Luther escaped....
  4. 8th Edition List Building

    4 less wounds to be exact
  5. 8th Edition List Building

    It’s also got less wounds and 4+ save rather than 3+
  6. 8th Edition List Building

    Hydra Platform is only like 70 points too.
  7. 8th Edition List Building

    Cheesy to me is more about list building than models themselves. When a player purposely looking for loop holes to get an advantage, that’s the cheese
  8. Gaming this Weekend

    I’ll be there today, and next Tuesday at ordo
  9. Need 3 volunteers Attrition league beta test

    I’ll be there around 4
  10. Airbrushing and being a cheapskate

    Well certainly not as loud as the one next to it lol However I do a lot of painting at night and I have a small child so noise is key. Go for the airbrush compressor IMO
  11. Airbrushing and being a cheapskate

    Don’t get the home depot one. I made that mistake when starting out. Super loud indoors. Yah it’s got a tank, just means it will startle the [big bad swear word] out of you every 40mins lol
  12. Guard color scheme

    WIP thoughts on the color scheme? Too bright? Just right?
  13. Need 3 volunteers Attrition league beta test

    137th Cadian “Lost Hope” company reporting in. Discovery of A renegade Blood Angle Detachment was made in sector 7. Heretics were purged to the last man. No casualties taken.
  14. WoW will be open tonight

    Heading down to play a game with Pete. Club house will be open around 4:30
  15. LF Poxwalkers

    Nothing dingles... nothing at all 😎