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  1. Stalker Bolt Rifles -options

    I use them on a squad to camp a objective. If I'm running 3 troops, I bring one of each type
  2. 10/21 10AM - 3PM Ordo Fanaticus October Terrain Day Extravaganza!!

    I'll be there around 11. Bringing my airbrush to help
  3. Wanna 40k

    I'll be heading out here soon. I imagine I will get there 3 to 3:30
  4. Wanna 40k

    Looking pretty good. What time can you get there? I hear there game night starts of at 4:30
  5. Wanna 40k

    Might be heading up to Dice Age depending on if my wife is feeling better
  6. Game night at WOW Tuesday

    Looks like my game got moved up till 4, game after that?
  7. Game night at WOW Tuesday

    I promise I will be there too lol!
  8. Game night at WOW Tuesday

    Going to be there around 4. Have a game lined up at 6:30, but would like to get a quick game in before then if possible
  9. Supposed new Primarus Super Heavy

    Different color helps a lot. Not getting why it's not a transport at that size. So far weapons don't sound super amazing
  10. Supposed new Primarus Super Heavy

    I think that's the goal though, I think you'll slowly see them pull the Primarus away from normal space Marines
  11. Supposed new Primarus Super Heavy

    Meh to each his own, I like it. Just needs a different paint scheme
  12. Tau Army For Sale

    Nice paint job dude
  13. Rumor floating around. That thing looks freaking massssssive
  14. WH40k night 10/10

    I'm sorry my man! You free for a game Thursday?