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  1. Selling my small collection of orks. Originally bought them for Shadows and then small point games of 40k. With new Codex inbound why not get a start on that tide! Enough to make a decent battalion New in box value is $255. I would say well painted. Look better in person hard to photograph because how dark and dirty I went. I would say better than plan table top. $300 or best offer? Willing to trade for new 40k terrain (depends on what) along with cash. 14 choppy boyz 14 slugga boyz 10 nobs 4 lootas with 1 mek 1 trukk 3 special weapon boyz 3 not finished boyz (bring total to 34 boyz in total) 1 pain boy deff dread warboss
  2. happycamper

    Elysians Drop Troops FS

    Little teaser 😎
  3. happycamper

    3d Printer User's Group

    Sweet thanks. So any recommendations for a starting printer? Want something that can handle fine detail (high Rez I believe it’s called)
  4. happycamper

    3D printing

    So anyone here do 3d printing? Looking at possible getting into it and would like some advice.
  5. happycamper

    Last Chancer and Gaunt's Ghost KTs coming

    Now if they only got rules for 40k too
  6. happycamper

    Sector Mechanicus Terrain Set *price drop AGAIN!*

    Price drop $350!!!!
  7. happycamper

    Elysians Drop Troops FS

    You want me to ship them or do you want to come pick them up? Maybe get a game in while your at it?
  8. happycamper

    Elysians Drop Troops FS

    I paid 44 pounds for each squad and 14 pounds for the equipment upgrades. That’s 160 pounds. Which is like $212. I’ll give them to you for retail. Probably worth more since it’s OOP now but since we are OFCC team mates I’ll hook a brotha up 😎
  9. happycamper

    Sector Mechanicus Terrain Set *price drop AGAIN!*

    Price Drop!!! $395
  10. happycamper

    So this is a thing....

    Pax not going to continue this argument bud. No point, we are on opposite sides on this one. That’s ok, everyone doesn’t have to agree with everyone. Like I said to other guys I respect your opinion, I just don’t share it. 😎👍
  11. happycamper

    So this is a thing....

    Which legion were you apart of? 😱😱😱 kiding
  12. happycamper

    So this is a thing....

  13. happycamper

    So this is a thing....

    Don’t think Dominatrix is code word for b***hy 🤔
  14. happycamper

    So this is a thing....

    We are never going to agree here. I’ll counter back and then you will counter. In the end it all comes down to a matter of opinion. We can argue about fictional genetic viability of it being used for fictional marines. Me personally see it as pointless retconing for the sake of “inclusion”. I for one hope that doesn’t happen, not based on not wanting women in game, based on thinking they should create something new if you want to include more females. Never go full Ghostbusters. Don’t replace, create. Still, I respect your opinion, and politely disagree with it.