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  1. happycamper

    Blackstone Fortress

    There you go Pax, he’s got a thunder hammer. Pretty nice character, especially that you get to drop him and all those chaos models from the box as one drop, making it easier to get that +1
  2. happycamper

    My New Armageddon Pattern Basilisk

    Very nice dude
  3. happycamper

    Blackstone Fortress

    renegade guard is going to be super popular part out kit on EBay I bet
  4. happycamper

    Blackstone Fortress

    Well they said that all the models in the kit will come with 40k data sheets so maybe this character will have one
  5. happycamper

    1996 Space hulk and 2002 blood bowl

  6. happycamper

    Sisters, Blackstone, tons

    Guys remember it’s also supposed to be a players charscter, you kind of want a bit of flair for it to standout.
  7. happycamper

    Non-BB player has a question

    Thanks guys was just curious
  8. happycamper

    Non-BB player has a question

    Do the cheerleader models actually effect the game? Just curious cause it seems like Forgeworld keeps announcing more and more
  9. happycamper

    The Big FAQ

    I agree with this
  10. happycamper

    Land raider with chaos sprues

    Morty got his prostate checked, thought I’d share
  11. happycamper

    Mystery Buggy

    Another teaser from GW today
  12. happycamper

    The Big FAQ

    By turn 3 your opponent shouldn’t have the abilty to shoot you off a objective you drop in on and take on your main force. And if your opponent is making adjustments to positioning or maneuvers because you have troops in reserves.... then you are effecting his decision making without being on the board, use your ground forces to take advantage of that.
  13. happycamper

    The Big FAQ

    Don’t know about you guys, but I never drop in on turn one. Let the field spread out a bit, look for weaknesses as game progresses. Or reinforce a weak spot in my own line. Nothing as funny as when my death bubble of Hellblasters is almost finished off to only have a squad of Plasma Inceptors drop in to reinforce the bubble of plasma death. Hell I love waiting till Turn 3, half the time my opponent forgets about them and there’s holes in his line. use your reserves more tactically, don’t think of them as a sledge hammer force.
  14. happycamper

    Sector Mechanicus Terrain Set *SOLD!*

    SOLD! For $450 too 😎
  15. happycamper

    The Big FAQ

    Well they said GSC not to worry we got you covered in the new Codex.... so don’t fret yet