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Schedule of 30k happenings. SO EXCITED!! we will be finalizing the narrative this week also


Saturday- Phase 1: 3 games to establish your foothold in the Urgall Depression

                               game 1&2 Saturday: deadly ground mission followed by Hammerblow assault.

                               game 3 Saturday: Phase 1 Legendary mission *CONFIDENTIAL* (this game will heavily effect your overall score for the campaign)

Sunday- Phase 2 & 3: 2 games to pummel and purge as many heretics OR loyalists as you can and make it to the LZ for emergency extraction. Missions for this phase will be determined on Thursday and will remain confidential until Sunday morning ...Depending on how many data slates you uncover on Friday night.....<--- sneaky sneaky :}


Allied Bombardment rules from book 2, page 176 will be in effect for the entirety of Sundays games. 1 table will be the comms center from which the loyalists will be calling artillery from. If you are a loyalist player on that particular table, you will be responsible for holding that facility at all costs.

This is obviously going to be an abbreviated game BUT I will be continuing this campaign and others at Fate and Fury Games in vancouver on Tuesdays and every other Wednesday. contact me here or at the event for details.

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