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  1. Pretty sure you can take one DT per unit in your detachment, regardless of whether they can ride in it.
  2. You should run Celestine and the Indomitable Belief warlord trait on your canoness so that you can get 4++ on lots of those immolators
  3. Gonna try this out tomorrow. Will be interesting to see how often holy trinity works...every FA unit in the outrider can do it. 1750 mono-sisters [730] Outrider: Ebon Chalice (+1 to faith test rolls—doesn’t apply to celestine) [160] Celestine (160) [134] 6 Dominions (60), combi-flamer (8), 4 meltaguns (56), simulacrum (10) [105] 6 Dominions (60), combi-plasma (11), 2 storm bolters (4), flamer (6), meltagun (14), simulacrum (10) [135] 10 Seraphim (110), plasma pistol (5), 2 hand flamers (6), 2 inferno pistols (14) [98] Immolator (68), immolation flamer (30) [98] Immolator (68), immolation flamer (30) [495] Spearhead: Argent Shroud (+1 FP on a 4+ each time they kill a unit—doesn’t apply to penitents) [45] Canoness (45), wrath of the emperor (relic) [125] Exorcist (125) [125] Exorcist (125) [100] Penitent Engine (100) [100] Penitent Engine (100) [525] Battalion: Bloody Rose (+1A/+1S first round of combat—doesn’t apply to arcos/missionary/dialogus/hospitaller) [49] Canoness (45), power sword (4), brazier of eternal flame (relic), warlord: indomitable belief [39] Missionary (35), power sword (4), blade of admonition (relic) [135] 9 Arco-flagellants (135) [30] Dialogus (30) [30] Hospitaller (30) [55] 5 Battle Sisters, heavy bolter (10) [55] 5 Battle Sisters, heavy bolter (10) [55] 5 Battle Sisters, heavy bolter (10) [77] Sororitas Rhino (73), 2 storm bolters (4) Command points 3 (battle-forged) +1 (outrider) +1 (spearhead) +5 (battalion) -3 (2 extra relics) =7 total
  4. Celestine is better than I thought...per the wording of Saintly Blessings she now benefits from her own +1 invul save aura, making hers a 3++. Previously this didn't work because she didn't have the Adepta Sororitas keyword, but now she does. jk i'm dumb, the aura only improves shield of faith saves.
  5. I mean, sure, you can criticize the site's habits, but a link isn't clickbait if it provides what's advertised.
  6. Why would you call it clickbait when it's literally as advertised: all the points and major army rules? lol
  7. https://spikeybits.com/2018/12/breaking-complete-sisters-of-battle-points-rules-changes.html
  8. Surely it's a typo, I thought. But no.
  9. They already fixed the Exorcist, it's d6 damage now and only 125 points. Easy include!
  10. Nah it's not the same. If you pick a melee unit, obviously it's most efficient to get into melee. But if you pick a unit of battle sisters, you have the choice of whether they're close-, mid-, or long-ranged. And in that scenario I don't think it makes any sense to select weapons that pigeon-hole you into close-ranged play. (Unless, of course, we're talking about melta dominions, but that's unrelated to this discussion about the Holy Trinity strat). I think it's way more justifiable to build units in a way that will allow them to capitalize on Holy Trinity under special circumstances, than in a way that makes them unable to get their points back *unless* they're in range for Holy Trinity. Does that make sense?
  11. yes i know, but my point is, given that having everything within range is unlikely to happen, why commit more points into the unit? instead just treat the unit like a bolter unit, and then be happily surprised if at least once during the game you happen to be within flamer range to use the stratagem. the wastefulness occurs when you commit to the idea of getting an expensive unit within flamer range. it's bound to disappoint.
  12. It's just so inefficient 😞 . Why not take a single melta and a single flamer in a regular squad, and run retributors with heavy bolters, which are still clearly the most efficient?
  13. Yeah I'll miss those too. Honestly I think for my core I'm going to be running 2 or 3 immos with dominion storm bolter sisters, plus 2 rhinos--one with arco-flagellants and a priest, the other with either repentia or bolter sisters and a mistress/canoness. Exorcists in the back, maybe one big seraphim squad...probably still take Celestine and play her like Mephiston. Just hide and be really careful w/ her..either use to counter-assault or make a precision strike at a point in the game where I know I won't care if she dies for good.
  14. It's a cool combo but too many moving parts imo. I would rather have two exorcists, and/or a few squads of storm bolter doms.
  15. I miss the chance of success being tied to how many models were in the unit--it had a very real "martyrdom" feel, as if the souls of those who'd died were interceding on behalf of those who remained. "Better kill this unit entirely, or I'm guaranteed shooting you with rending bolters next turn!"
  16. i would much rather have the fist. versatility goes a long way in an elite army
  17. yeah, i would just run a fist on regular squads that do a lot of running around
  18. @Ish: chapter approved will be allowing intercessors to take a powerfist on the sergeant
  19. Overall sisters got big nerfs. Exorcists, dominions, seraphim, and arco-flagellants will see a lot of play though. Celestine isn't mandatory anymore, although she's still the most efficient close-combat unit. People will just have to be much more careful about where they commit her.
  20. Twitch interview spoilered the Order of Our Martyred Lady chapter trait, "Each time one of your units is destroyed, you get a Faith Point"
  21. https://imgur.com/gallery/d8Ae4TN
  22. Not exactly, because they cost CP this time around.
  23. I really hope they don't overdo it with the whole "per 10 models" thing. They should understand from past version of ITC scoring that this just creates weird optimization strategies, and it should scale more fluidly than that.
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