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  1. Would anyone want to play a training 40k game? I've got about 750-1k points of painted troops for someone to kill.
  2. As a new player I am VERY interested in another escalation league!
  3. I'll be there with my 750pt 40k army if anyone wants to take me to the cleaners! I am still learning everything so this would be a total beginners teaching game. @apathy ales was an awesome teacher 2 weekends ago and his smash captains laid low entire units... Thanks again!
  4. I think I will have 750 ready by 3. I need to lay everything out and count actually.
  5. After watching and learning way more than I could handle last Sunday with (I think please forgive me if I'm wrong) Apathy Ales, Inquisitor66, and Lyraeus, I am (not)ready for a 750 pt(maybe 500, I'm still gluing and priming), "learn how to play 40k more" slaughterfest. If anyone is available that would be great. If not I wouldn't mind watching another match or two.
  6. Awesome thanks I'll be there! I won't have an army today, but in a few more weeks I should have 750pts ready to go.
  7. Hey everyone. Is it alright for a first timer to come over today? I am getting back into 40k since 2nd edition and would love to shadow someone for a game or two. Thanks!
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