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  1. The Mighty and the Saturn are very similar! Same price point now. Saturn doesnt have wifi though:( So I have to walk to my Garage (which I have to anyways) to load up and start a print. Prints look great on the Mighty!
  2. Elegoo Saturn finally came in! 3 of us got them at once. Darn Amazon. So far I have used the wrong support settings, but everyone else has been printing away no problems. Detail is just as good as GW models. Love it so far! PS 2 Drop pods can print in this thing.
  3. 3 of us just bought Elegoo Saturn resin printers. You can print an entire drop pod (maybe 2) inside of it! Highly recommend you check it out. I am still getting mine up and going and have over 100 back items to print otherwise I would help you out!
  4. So far 9th has been great! New codexs will rebalance the game, again.
  5. Do you want the double handed Deathwatch thunder hammer? I have 6 or 7 left. Lately I have been converting them for a single handed Primaris Serg weapon Edit: .
  6. there is the problem right there... 🤪
  7. I could not access any of the material on the "References" tab on the bottom left until I paid the $5 fee. There is no army builder yet. The search function lists searching rules, but only searches datasheets. Not worth the $5 yet.
  8. After the, "no state will work" problem this morning I finally was able to give GW $5 bucks to see what the app had other than a PDF version of the rules. The parts I see are nice enough, but not $5 per month when Wahapedia.ru is free. I will wait to see how the app evolves. I hope the rules become part of the app, not just a PDF.
  9. Awesome!!!! I can't wait to buy mine. You are so lucky. If you end up not "wanting" it let me know lol. I have a few work projects and about 1000 hobby projects ready to go.
  10. Did any of you guys get the Elegoo Saturn pre-order?! I tried on both and missed out.
  11. And I thought I was going to get work done today... Great.
  12. Geeks and games did 15 percent off and had plenty of box sets at 130pm today. I read that the new chapter approved rule book has the rules in it, so maybe no big expensive book needed. Plus the app has rules and codexes. We will see how well that works. Not going to hold my breath but I sure wish GW hits the app out of the park.
  13. Something like this? https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3708960
  14. I only have played at Guardian with Ordo members... and I still get wiped turn 2! Someday I will be decent at playing. Someday...
  15. Since the 9E objective markers are officially 7.5" (7.57" technically), I wonder if Ordo or OFCC will make some sweet custom neoprene objective marker mats? I have a set to support Team USA 40k and have enjoyed using them.
  16. Twitch makes it easy to push a button to do reruns. Not sure they care to delete the extra time as it would just cost time/money. Sure wish Twitch could automatically remove the pause screen for reruns! I tried out Streamlabs which seems to be the streaming platform of choice for Twitch and others. You can have a waiting to start screen/pause/whatever while you connect to the streaming platform but are still getting things ready in the other window. My understanding of the workflow is you start your Twitch stream via Streamlabs which then shows the waiting to start screen(or anything you
  17. I like that melee is now defined at 1" horizontally and 5" vertically. I really like the bullet points in the rulebook. Everything so far is thorough, defined well, and clear enough to me. I wonder if the chapter approved points are going to "leak" tonight/tomorrow so that people can play over Treason Day Independence Day.
  18. Core rules now available to download. Does anyone else think this leak is a normal marketing tactic?
  19. Yeah that is huge for Deathwatch vet squads. Well any squad with storm shields really.
  20. Ouch for non elite armies!
  21. https://www.reddit.com/r/WarhammerCompetitive/comments/hjhdyt/indomitus_datasheets/ It's here!! All the rules!! The HUGE leak we need. LOTS OF CHANGES!!!
  22. Awesome! I started again last year and Ordo has been amazing helping me back in. Lots of great people here. Look forwards to playing you soon!
  23. Seems cool. I downloaded the rules and will check them out tonight. My flight bases shipped, so maybe I will have my stands by this weekend.
  24. I was going to get this printed actually! Here are the printing specs: https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/786349.page YES!! Now that is a collection! You have so many ships. No idea what they all are, but they look fun. Can't wait to get my flight stands so I can start playing games.
  25. Yeah Thingiverse is a black hole trying to find models. I have downloaded a plethora of 40k stuff and some BFG files that I can share. The STL files are there, you just have to keep looking, and looking, and looking... A quick treasure trove find: https://www.thingiverse.com/Italianmoose/designs https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2797426 https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4370097 I think I want to use the latest rules like you linked. I found a few tournaments that run BFG games (like Adepticon) and they use the latest rules. Are the latest rules what everyone uses?
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