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  1. Maybe this stuff would help? They have great Rhino kits and sell other LED kits. https://www.ebay.com/str/bloodandskullsindustry/Illuminare-LED-Kits/_i.html?_storecat=4571272012
  2. In a turn of events I am able to come! Are we playing Cities of Death? I have a few new models for everyone to shoot at.
  3. I just started back after 15 odd years and you can't go wrong with this group! Everyone has been great and are super helpful teaching me how to play again. So far I have been playing with everyone on Sundays and Tuesdays. There is a member here that sells old/new/used models for a bargain if you want to go that route to start https://mindtaker.org/. Happy Gaming!
  4. I have access to one of those Cricket vinyl cutters so we could make a team logo and print them and/ names and/or anything really onto shirts. The iron on works pretty darn well now days.
  5. My wife works that night so I'll be absent. Darn kids won't let me play with my plastic toys! Lol
  6. Shapeways does have a Long War Party Pack 3D print. Looks like a keg backpack and stein arms for days! https://www.shapeways.com/product/WJS6JQSES/the-long-war-party-pack?optionId=65090660
  7. Also, "Lucky Hit Sometimes, despite making best use of available cover and all efforts to conceal your position, a stray shot or ricochet will nonetheless find its mark. A hit roll of 6 always hits the target, irrespective of any modifiers that may apply."
  8. I guess I could read more! CA2018 pg 30 Cities of Death: "Ignoring the Benefits of Cover Some weapons and models have abilities that ignore the benefit a target might otherwise receive to its saving throws from being in cover, e.g. ‘units attacked by this weapon do not gain any bonus to their saving throws for being in cover’ or ‘enemy units do not receive the benefit to their saving throws for being in cover against attacks made by this model.’ If a model has an ability like this, or is shooting a weapon that has an ability like this, it makes no difference whether the target i
  9. Exactly. And many of my normal troops are 3++, so cover doesn't do much for them, which is a big part of this campaign. So those 5+ and 6+ cheap models are suddenly worth more (maybe?) since I can take 3 of them for every one 3++ model of mine to hold objectives and such in the ruins. And flamers are auto-hit so they will be worth more then low AP weapons I normally take. With lots of cover my thoughts are higher AP weapons, flamers/auto-hit weapons, weapons that ignore cover, weapons that do not need line of sight, and cheap models are "buffed" in this scenario. While costly invulnerable
  10. If a weapon says, "Enemy units do not receive the benefit of their saving throws for being in cover against attacks made with this weapon" does that work for both hard and soft cover? Just going over list ideas.
  11. We have a large St Patricks party the night before so I will be in recovery mode. Getting older I don't bounce back easily anymore! Hopefully next time/week/tuesday!
  12. So the rules say 2000 points with 4?!? detachments? Did I read that correctly? Or are we playing doubles, 1k each (2 detachments)? This is my first time in something like this sorry!
  13. How did the test game go last night? Edit: reading it in CA18 not the 7th edition
  14. I would be interested to play, just depends on the day.
  15. Is it just the two if us tomorrow? Do you have a game already?
  16. I have 1k ready to go but can do 1250 if you don't mind a proxy or two. I pick up a couple of tanks tomorrow but I don't think the primer will be dry by 3.
  17. I've been playing with one or two of them every game since! They decimated my ranks. So far mine haven't had as much luck, but soon I'll figure them out.
  18. I'll be there if anyone wants to play a 1000 to 1250 pts game. I am still learning so any help/tips/feedback is greatly appreciated!
  19. I will be there Tuesday with a few new tanks to try out if anyone wants to table me. I can do 1k pts or branch out to 1250 pts with 2 tanks and lots of storm shields! Though I would like to play Sunday too.....
  20. All I have are troops and a few characters. I haven't played with psychic powers yet, so I can add a chaplain to the mix. Lets call it 1000 points? I don't have any vehicles nor any heavy weapons based, so let me know if I need to bring some anti-air to tryout if you are going to use your cool af corvo. All in all it will be a slaughter, but that's the fun in learning. I really need to learn all the Deathwatch special rules, stragemems, mission tactics, physic powers, warlord traits, bolter bullets, etc so playing another player seems to be a great way to learn them!
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