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Bitz Swap Aftermath - I now own Skaven!?!

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It is clear, like many of you, I have a sickness. :)
Yesterday, that sickness manifested into a new (to me) Skaven army.
I got lots of stuff, but I am unsure if I have a playable force.
Here is what I now have:
176 Clan Rats (+40 more new in box)
34 Skaven Slaves
27 Globadiers
8 Censor Bearers
10 Jezzails
2 Warp Lightning Cannons
2 Ratling guns
2 Warpfire cannon
3 Engineers
3 Assassins
2 Grey Seers

2 Rat ogres
Ikit Claw
Queek Headtaker

and a Doom Wheel


Thoughts, advice or counselling is welcome :)

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