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Destroyed row of shops


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In my never ending quest for a nice looking Stalingrad table, I have made this destroyed row of stores. I took detailed photos so people can copy my techniques.

I had picked up this Tamiya kit of broken walls, sandbags, and tank traps. Sorry the picture shows upside down. I rotated it on photobucket, but it still looks like this. Ugh.


Here is the basic layout:


Here is the corner detail. I later cut the street light off as I was worried it would snap off later.


I ran out of wall sections so made one from foam core and made a rubble pile out of pink foam around it.


Some more detail:


Finished detail


Destroyed city block


Rear view


A little more detail


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Thanks for the kind words. Honestly, I have become much more interested in making terrain than in painting minis. I feel like I have painted enough armies and if I never paint another miniature soldier, I will be ok. I still enjoy doing weird one off minis, like an enraged Tiki statue that I have on my bench now, but really i just want to make buildings and such.


Gale Force 9 makes some basing rubble in various sizes. I usually use their largest chunks for the larger piles, but then I use model rail road ballast for the smaller rubble. It is much cheaper than the GF9 stuff and comes in different sizes.

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Thanks, man. Well.... its going to come to an end for a while after the tourney this weekend. I have wanted to make stop motion animated films for about a decade now and have recently decided to take the plunge (since I turned 45 last month and realized I am going to die some day). My dream job would be making sets, so I decided to start doing it. Step one was to hook up with an animator to learn a thing or two. So, i emailed a guy I found on the internet with some pics of what i have done and am now his set builder. Starting next week, I begin construction of a large set for his next film. Woo hoo! Then I plan on building my own studio and sets in my basement. So... it may be a bit before I get back to making terrain. I will, of course, post pics here of the stuff I make, even if it isn't mini related.


Here is a short the guy made featuring the character from the thing I am working on.



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