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Spring Escalation League, Week Six: April 13th

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Week Six. 1750 points. April 13th


All snacks are worth double!



Traveling Tower. 

This is a Watch Tower Scenario with the following exception: The Tower Moves!

At the start of each turn, roll the artillery and scatter dice to determine the distance and direction the tower moves. If the tower hits a unit, friend or foe, the tower inflicts d6+4 S10 hits. If the tower hits any terrain other than a hill or an obstacle, the unit inside the tower takes d6 +4 S10 Hits. 

League Points.


The side holding the tower at the end of the game receives 5 league points. 

The side with most models killed by the tower received 5 League Points.

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I would think not, because he doesnt mention the obstacle being destroyed in the description. 

I know, but it should.  If a giant, a steam tank, or a cannon ball can get rid of an obstacle, I think it would be cool if the obstacle could be destroyed.  If not, then your opponent could just sit behind an obstacle, let the unit keep smashing into it and then charge them or claim the tower.  That's a game changing tactic.

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