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I want to play 4th ed codex Tyranids

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eventually it might be fun to put together a kludge codex from the last 3 tyranid codexs.  I'm not particularly impressed with the harpy or crone, but ty for throwing that out Vonvilkee :).


So I was reviewing the codex in more detail last night and I wanted to share a couple highlights that may be deal breaking....


Lictors: 0-1 for the codex, max 3 in squad, deploy separately

- Deep strike: but DO NOT SCATTER OUT of specified terrain

- can assault the turn they deep strike

- but you can only EVER have 3

- pretty much the same underwhelming state line


Leaping (unit upgrade)

- models with the leap ability can assault 12"

- only 2 units have access to LEAP



---Hormogants are beasts, yeah, a 12" move and a 12" charge


There is NO POISON in the codex



- can take 'without number', basically allowing the unit to die and then come back in from reserves, very expensive makes the model cost 12 pts

- can become scouts


2+ saves on several models to include:
- Carnifex

- Tyrants

-Zoanthropes (?)


If I come across anything else I think is particularly nasty I'll add it

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Just count leaping as the new hormie rule (additional run and fleet right?). Don't take 2+ save on carnies and you should be fine... Allot of the issues you can just avoid in list making that is ultimately why I said go for it I trust you to make the list fun!

I think there was a mis-communication my friend :), those rules are the entire point of wanting to use the 4th ed codex.  It has a different set of pros and cons.  Those leaping hormogaunts cost 10 pts base and have a 6+ save


2+ on the tyrant is a 35 pts

not sure what it is on the carni, I'll look later.

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See by saying beasts they get a 12" move and fleet. They charge just like everybody else at that point. If that doesn't work so hot maybe over watch isn't removed until after the charge has been completed but just before blows are struck.


Would allow you to stay spread out more but still make longer charges... The pile in move would still have to make contact for you to be engaged and strike tho...


With pre measuring there is no way fixed charge lengths are acceptable.

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great points Jim and Corey thank you.  


Like I was saying, i don't think beasts moved 12" in 4th ed, iirc they had a 6" move.  I'm not pushing for them to have both a 12" move and 12" charge, not at all.


But what about the warriors, who do move 6", to me that makes a really poor unit more viable, not pushing, merely presenting.

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General rule of thumb for this in my opinion is main book rules Clown your codex, then figure out the crazy doesn't mesh with something stuff.


And Brad I was thinking the same thing! I totally miss my old school deamon Prince that I made simply by pointing out the gifts that matched to the random roles from the original rogue trader book I have!


(scampers off to see if he still has the papers...)

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