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AM List Noodling

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Okay so this is two brigade detatchments. Any gear listed is additional to the standard


(74) Creed

(64) Kell

(55) Lord Commissar

(31) Company Commander , Boltgun

(31) Company Commander , Boltgun

(40) Tempestor Prime, with tempestus command rod



(480) Infantry Squad x12

(35) Flamers x5

(25) Grenade launchers (5)

(1) Bolt pistol (for one sarg)


(35) Comissar, Bolt pistol, power sword

(20) platoon commander

(100) 10 man scion squad

(50) 5 man scion squad

(72) 5 man scion squad, 2 melta

(49) 7 man ratling squad


Fast Attack

(300) scout sentinals, with autocannons x6

Heavy Support

(57) Heavy Weapon teams, autocannons

(57) Heavy weapon teams, autocannons

(72) Heavy weapons teams , lascannons

(27) Heavy weapon squad, mortar

(162) Lemuns russ MBT

(162) Lemun Russ MBT


Total: 1999

Command Points: 20!

This army is massive with 150 infantry models, 12 heavy weapon teams, 2 tanks, 6 walkers and 8 characters with 11 orders on 5 of them. 3

What do people think?



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Definitely looks like a fun and effective list. Only major issue I see is that you don't have any units that will really take advantage of the command points. Everything is mediocre. This might not seem like a problem in narrative games but with matched play rules, only being able to re-roll once per phase, I feel like it'd be better to have a place in your army where that re-roll means something. I wonder how much better you'd be served by taking a single brigade and maybe some artillery or a super heavy. 

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Are we shooting for competitive or beer and pretzels?

12 Troops can easily be made with Scions and Infantry Combination. Also, keep in mind that Conscripts are troops and are a great way to get bodies on the field (which seems to be one of your primary goals) without wasting a lot of points.

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I was actually just discussing this with someone else. Getting a ton of CP doesn't really mean much if you stripped out all your heavy hitters to do it. I'm not saying it's never an option, but you really need to have a plan for what you're going to do with them all. Re-rolling a single Battlecannon shot per Turn or something is going to be way less efficient than having fewer CP but kicking out another half-dozen Lascannon shots per Turn or whatever.

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I take lascannons. They just work with so many orders around. I prefer heavy weapon squads but also having a few in squads means you basically always have that one extra chance when you need it. You have all the right HQ for conscripts. Personally I love 50. 50 with Yarrick and the rapid fire 2 order is just so much fun. Reroll 1's to hit and a million shots.

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Heavy Weapon Teams in Infantry Squads work best when they compliment the role of the other poor blood infantry (e.g., heavy bolters enhance the anti-infantry weight of fire of all those lasrifles) or are a useful weapon when split firing that doesn't necessarily need to be used in groups but benefits from all those poor bloody infantry acting as ablative wounds (e.g., lascannons).

Heavy Weapon Squads work best when issued weapons that work best when used in groups (e.g., mortars and missile launchers). It also depends on what role you see the HWS playing or who you are playing against, a trio of heavy bolters behind an Aegis Wall can make for a nasty "no go zone" denying a swathe of the table to light infantry... "Rhino Rushing" Space Marines would hate to see a trio of autocannons set up in the same manner.

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