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Tuesday 3/18


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I don't think I will show be able to do Infinity this week as I need some practice with X-Wing for the upcoming tournament and i won't have the models assembled. Kacey and I already have a game set up. I probably won't show up until maybe 7 or 8 on Tuesday though since I might need a couple hours to put the finishing touches on a few models for Nathaniel.

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I probably will be there a bit earlier since I have given up hope of finishing Nathaniels Warlocks in time. So I will bring some Sex-Wang and am very interested to feast my eyes upon some fantasy battles. I just bought the Daemon book so I am interested in playing them sometime in the next month. I really hope that I get to see my 500+pt greater daemon felled in one turn by a cannon. That would be the swellest.

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