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Game Night Sunday the 6th (1/6/2019)?


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24 minutes ago, Jason said:

3pm at WOW this Sunday? Big 40k party and I’m invited? Is that what I’m hearing? 🙂 I can bring some Mordians! Just finished a bunch of weapon crew today.


At 500pts per person, "small" 40k party. But yes, all welcome. Regular ordo game night, Raindog is running it.

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20 hours ago, apathy ales said:

Thinking of coming out for first time for a pre-escalation game or two. Anyone still looking for a 40k game?

If an opponent doesn't show up, it's only 500pts, we can make our game 3-way and you can join. And we'll probably play multiple games, maybe even switching opponents.

11 hours ago, Jay said:

Any of you willing to teach a former 40ker (5th ed.)?

I would be willing. Do you have your own army? Or do you need me to bring something? Again, it's only 500pts.

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