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Tues 4/29


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I thought I'd start the Tues night thread.


I'd like a game of 40k if anyone's up for it. If you need OFCC prep I can scale a Screamerstar up 2000 and if you want a mean 1850 we can do that as well.


The basic list I'm trying out now is an 1850 Screamerstar with 3 Hearlds.


Alternately, I'm into (can teach/bring) games of Eclipse, Le Havre, Dominant Species or Command & Colors Napoleonics.


If anyone's feeling like it I can bring 2 Dust Tactics Armies and there's always Flames of War if anyone's game; again - I can bring an army if you want to try something out. - Nathan do you need Red Guard in Summer dress still? How many?


My filler will be "Pixel Tactics 2 Bitc&es!" or as the designers prefer to refer to it "Pixel Tactics 2"



TL;DR - I want beat my face 40k, Boradgame or Tabletop Mini Boardgame action this Tues -


- Wait - we have a meeting, no? I think this means we can just pause the game(s), right?

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Yeah the meeting will be this night but it'll be pretty short. We'll decide on a date and name for the fantasy event, and try to get a final head count for the ofcc. That's pretty much it unless someone had anything else to add.


I'll be bringing X-wing for after the meeting.

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"I want beat my face 40k, Boardgame or Tabletop Mini Boardgame action this Tues"


Preferred game: 40k, 1850-2000; competitive


Dust Tactics - demos & fun

Flames of War - 1000 pts < Japan, Brits, Germany

Boardgames & Hex based war games - Eclipse, CColors: Napoleonics, Combat Commander, Dominant Species, Le Havre

X-Wing - Beginner level


going once, going twice...

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but that goes super fast.


You must not have seen Brad and Kevin's marathon game last week. Kevin was banking on the fact that Brad is older, and if Kevin could draw the game out long enough, Brad would die of old age and Kevin would win by default. Would have worked, too, if Brad (or was it me?) hadn't folded the game up in disgust.

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It was our 3rd!


1st: I thought I had you on the ropes really early but you snuck out of it like a sneak.


2nd: I boxed myself in quite nicely and you nailed the lid on the coffin.


3rd: I was moments from victory (probably) when hurricane Jim ruined everything.


Well, then. I've learned a valuable lesson. 

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