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Shadowrun Drop in Campaign

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This topic is an overview of the Shadowrun Campaign I am running:


The game will run every other tuesday, starting on the 29th.

Feel free to drop in I will have pregen characters every session for use.


The game will be set in real-time, so the dates in game match the real-world date.

The campaign will mostly focus, on organized crime, with the occasional interference by corporations.  Advancement will be a bit faster than normal(more karma and more cash) to allow for faster character growth.

Feel free to bring difference characters to each session at will.


Some house rules:

Athletics and Close Combat skills will use Str instead of Agi

Adepts cannot spend race points on Magic, the Adept Priority will be D Magic 2, C Magic 4, B Magic 6

Technomancers may Submerge during character creation to take the Living Network and/or Machine Mind Echo.


If you would like more information feel free to PM me directly.  I would prefer if rules questions be asked in the Shadowrun 6e I started so this thread can be used to keep track of campaigns progress.

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Meat is coming next Tuesday Kick ass and chew bubblegum...and he has plenty of bubblegum.?.

Street name: “Meat”

Real Name Mephistopheles Rex
Team Role street tough

Ethnicity & Metatype Ork - Anglo                        
Born 2054 Sex Male  Height 6’6”  Weight 260lbs.  

Born to Ork witch named Gurta Rex (mom Ork) & Fatner Rex (human cook) in the Creasted Bute region of Colorado. He moved to the area around age 10 after his mother was murdered (Lynched for magical murder)


His father is getting old but still works as a cook at a local eatery & did his best to keep his son out of the gangs. But life is hard when you’re poor, and while Meat was never an official member of the Ork gang (The Hatchets) he was an associate and worked with them for nuyen many times. They gave him his street name and it stuck


Because of Meat’s size he found corporate work in security for about 5 years and made good money and they hooked him up with some good cybernetics but was later booted after a robbery that involved some old friends from his past and Meat’s gang associations were discovered.


Meat has 2 wives (Elsa - Human stripper, Kora – Ork stay at home caretaker) and 4 kids with # 5 on the way. He hustles to keep everyone fed and happy and despite his violent street persona he is a dedicated provider for his family. He has a big flat with a garage in a low class community (middle class cost)


Meat is a big dude, even by Ork standards. He tends to be on the quiet side but will speak up if he has something to say. 

Race D (Ork 4) Attributes A (24) Magic E (mundane ) Skills C (20) Resources B (¥)
Body:     7 (+2 from bone lacing)
Agility:  4
Reaction:   4 
Strength:   7
Willpower:   4 (+1 <20 karma>)
Logic:      3 (+1 <10 karma>)      
Intuition:   4
Charisma: 3    


Edge:       4                   
Magic:     -             
Essence:    3.36
Initiative:   8+ d6
Positive Qualities / Racial Bonuses                        
High Pain Tollerance (-7)

Built tough (2nd) -4 (bonus cuz ork)

Negative Qualities / Racial Penalties                        

Dependants lv 3 (+12)(( - says 25% but he will probably give more…lots of mouths and all))

Close combat 5 (sp axe <blades?>) firearms: 5, piloting 2, Perception 2, con 2, stealth 2 (sp palming), Influence 2

Knowledge / Language / Skills                        
English   (Native)

Gang <local>, Drug dealing/Street life, security operations               


Weapons & Armor   (Typically wears armored jacket, combat knife & SB defiance  T-250 (concealed) otherwise extra stuff is in truck or at homesome in truck


Armored jacket, Riot shield, spare armored vest


Combat Axe, Combat knife, Stun batton


Short Barreled Defiance T-250, Built in smartLink (500rds explosive), 2 clips, shoulder sling holster


HK 227, under mount smart link (2000 reg rounds), 2 clips


FN Har, Laser sight, gas-vent system, builtin smartlink (1000 reg rounds) 2 clips

Used Rang Rover with hidden trunk compartment (to hold guns)


-          Tool kit, survival kit, 10x light sticks, 2x metal restraints, first aid kit




Left Lower leg & foot (alpha) (hidden compartment), Bone Lacing (alpha) Titanium , Comlink (alpha) (Rentaku sensi with Maps software), Eyes rating 4 (alpha) with flash compensation, Image link, Lowlight vision, Vision enhancement & smartlink

Lifestyle & Identification: Lower end but large and secure (Mid-5000 nuyen pre-paid 1 month (have nuyen available if higher)


Fake SIM level 4 w/lic for private security


1x cred stick silver, 2x cred stick standard


Doc wagon contract pre-paid 1 year

Remaining Funds: ¥3,150

Buzzsaw - Local Gang leader   C- 2      L:  3

Tora Leets - Local strip club owner   C- 2     L: 2

Rocky Bo - Fence / Forger     C- 4      L:  2

Rogo Torez – Mechanic   C- 1     L: 2

Karma Expenditure                        
Starting Karma      50                     
Racial Costs      - 0                     
Qualities      -11                    
Negative Qualities   +12                  
Attributes      -30                 
Skills         - 10                
Resources      - 11               
Remaining      0

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Personal Data
Birth Name Gibson Hiro
Metatype Elf Ethnicity Japanese-American 
Born 15 May 2055 (Age 25) Sex Male 
Height 1.83 m  Weight 65.75 kg   

Metatype D Attributes A Skills C Magic B Resources E

Karma Expenditures
Starting Karma        50
Positive Qualities    8
Negative Qualities    -28
Attributes        40
Skills            25
Resources        5
Remaining        0

Body: 5
Agility: 7
Reaction: 4 (7)
Strength: 5
Willpower: 4
Logic: 3
Intuition: 3
Charisma: 6
Edge: 3
Essence: 6.00
Magic: 6
Initiative: 10 + 4d6

Condition Monitor
Phys 12
Stun 10

Athletics (Gymnastics) 3
Close Combat 1
Con 2
Firearms (Pistols) 6
Influence 4
Perception (Visual) 3
Stealth (Palming) 1

Language and Knowledge Skills: English (N), Japanese (1); Fashion Industry, Security Procedures

Built Tough (1)

Honorbound (Bushido)
Impaired Attribute (Strength) [1]
Incompetent (Piloting)
In Debt (¥25,000 original debt; -¥20,000 outstanding principle; ¥2,500 monthly interest) [5] 

Primary Lifestyle: Low (One Month)
Nuyen: See Below
Fake IDs / Related Lifestyles / Funds / Licenses
Mori Masayuki Fake SIN [Rt 4] w/ Fake License [Rt 4] (Corporate Courier)

* Notes: GM uses a House Rule where a single License will cover everything reasonably related to a specific occupation.

    Andrew "Arcade" Hansford (Fixer) Connection: 4, Loyalty: 3
    Kenji Tsukino (Chauffeur) Connection: 3, Loyalty: 4
    Rei Shiawase-Hino (Fashion Exec) Connection: 5, Loyalty: 2
    Minako Aino (Pop Idol) Connection: 4, Loyalty: 3
    Michelle Kaioh (Supermodel) Connection: 4, Loyalty: 3

Ares Light Fire 75 Light Pistols (2x)
 w/ 4x Magazines (16x APDS caseless ammo each)
 w/ 4x Magazines (16x Stick-n-Shock caseless ammo each)
 w/ 8x Magazines (16x Explosive caseless ammo each)
 w/ 2x Concealable Holsters
 w/ 2x Special Silencers

Ares Predator VI Heavy Pistols (2x)
 w/ 4x Special Magazines (10x APDS caseless ammo / 5x Stick-n-Shock caseless ammo each)
 w/ 2x Special Magazines (15x Explosive caseless ammo each)
 w/2x Quick Draw Holsters

Ruger 101  Rifle 
 w/ 24x Regular caseless ammo
 w/ Bipod, Silencer, and Internal Smartgun System

Smoke Grenades (2x)

Throwing Knives (2x)

Walther Palm Pistols (2x)
 w/ 10x Regular caseless ammo
 w/ Concealable Holsters

Actioneer Business Cloths (+2 Def) w/ Electricity Resistance [3]
Armor Jacket (+3 Def) w/ Electricity Resistance [3]
Helmet (+1 Def)

Matrix Stats
Primary Device: Renraku Sensi (DR3; D2, F0, P1) 
Secondary Device: Meta Link (DR1; D1, F0, P0)


Adept Powers
Attribute Boost (Strength) 2
Enhanced Accuracy 
Improved Reflexes 3
Killing Hands
Wall Running

Other Gear
2x Credstick, Silver 
2x Hidden Arm Slides (for throwing knives)
AR Gloves
Contacts [Rt 3] with Image Link, Smartlink
Earbuds [Rt 2] with Sound Link, Select Sound Filter [1]
Glasses [Rt 3] with Flare Compensation, Vision Magnification
Meta Link Commlink
Rappelling Gloves
Stealth Rope (100 m) and Catalyst Stick
Subvocal MicTrodes
Yamaha Rapier Motorcycle with Manual Operation

Imōto-san is very observant, I am indeed an elf and a half-gaijin one at that. I know this would make me less than welcome in Kyōto, but you are in Seattle now. We do things a bit differently here, Imōto-san.

Tanaka-sama has hired me, Imōto-san. You can trust me as you would trust him. My eyes see everything, my ears hear everything, but I won't remember anything you want me to forget. That's the part of my job that Tanaka-sama trusts me to be the best at.

Tanaka-sama has hired me to ensure that you can sleep easy. You're safe in my hands, Imōto-san. Nobody gets near you, and if they try, I'll remove them. I can do so as soft or as hard as you want.

I'll do anything you say, as soon as you say it, until the moment I say otherwise. When the music starts, that's when you'll do exactly as I say. If I say jump, you jump. If I say run, you run. When you're life is in danger, it's my dance.

Ah, here's the car, Imōto-san. Did you want to go to the Turbo-Kitty Store or Ice Cream Hut first?

Hiro Gibson was born and raised within the Shiawase Corporation corporation. Indeed, he's a fourth generation company man, his great-grandfather, Hiro Kuwabatake, had been a heavy equipment mechanic for Emori Shiawase's original power plant at the very start of Shiawase Atomics. The Kuwabatake's were a working class family and because they were elves, they never became full citizens of the megacorp. But they were hardworking and loyal. Hirdo's great-grandfather worked in the machine shop, his grandfather worked in the machine shop... Then came mother. Mother scandalized the whole family by having the temerity to be born a girl and the only child her parents ever had. Worse still, when they packed her off to university in the UCAS she married a gaijin! Billy Gibson was an gaijin, true, but he was also a loyal worker for Resha Corporation (a Shiawase subsidiary in the UCAS) so he eventually gained some respect from his in-laws. Despite his handicap, everyone pretty much assumed young Hiro would be some sort of skilled laborer or maybe even a low tier executive for the company too. However, early in his childhood, routine screening of kids in the company day care found that Hiro was magically active.

But, even as an one of the Awakened, Hiro showed the same dogged determination to be average that his forefathers had. His ancestors had been thoroughly "blue-collar" and in a sense, so was Hiro. He was a physical adept, but an unimpressive one: running faster, jumping higher, and hitting harder than any unaugmented human... But nothing truly outstanding in terms of magical talents or aptitudes. But that was just fine for Shiawase, they trained him on how to swing a sword, how to pull a trigger, how to scare away the paparazzi and the SINless, and how to jump in front of a bullet if needed.

In his role of bodyguard, his elven metatype and half-gaijin ancestry actually became something of an asset. For reasons that baffle most Japanese, Americans and Europeans seem to find elves fashionable and exotic. Hiro was skilled as a bodyguard, charming enough to hold up his end of a conversation with protectees, and fashionable enough to blend in with a high society crowd... But not too much, least his role as a deterent be compromised. 

Eventually, Shiawase started assigning Hiro to "preemptive protection" missions, Hiro would be sent to assist teams made of other "special assets" and "independent contractors" when extracting executives from rival corporations or transporting secure data. After a few such missions, Hiro realized how lucrative the work could be and started pulling some freelance jobs on the side. Hiro still has many contacts and acquaintances from his days as a company man.

Rei Shiawase-Hino is an executive with Shiawase's Vashon Island fashion line (and a member of the extended Shiawase family that controls the corporation from a very minor branch) who helped Hiro erase his old SIN and has hired him for a few deniable jobs; Minako Aino is an up-and-coming idol singer and Michelle Kaioh is an in demand supermodel, both were former protectees and both have relied on Hiro to quash some rumors that might have hurt their careers;  Kenji Tsukino grew up in the "old neighborhood" with Hiro, their fathers and grand-fathers having worked in the shop together, but Kenji's talents lay in driving cars (like a madman) and not in fixing them, Hiro got him a job as a chauffeur to help transport high value protectees; and lastly, Andrew Hansford who calls himself "Arcade," a seedy low-life party drug pusher, pimp, and hustler who always seemed to be able to weasel his way into high society functions and the most exclusive night spots, he's recently branched out into the shadows as a go-between for Hiro and Mr. Johnson.

Stoic and professional when "on the job" Hiro also a fun loving and jovial charmer when "off the clock." Though he loves to fight, he loves a good party even more. He has a "big brother" instinct that was nurtured and encouraged during his youth, which let him develop a deep connection to his protectees. Now that he runs the shadows, he tends to treat his teammates the same way. Hiro works hard and plays hard. Once he has accepted a job, he never waivers from completing it. Hiro is a consummate professional and expects the same of those he works with.

Post-Character Creation Updates
Nuyen Gained: ¥13,000
Current Nuyen: ¥1,004
Karma Gained: 15
Unspent Karma: 4

Post-Character Expenditures

  • [11/13/19] -¥2,500: November In-Dept Interest Payment
  • [11/13/19] -¥2,500: December In-Dept Interest Payment
  • [11/13/19] -¥5,000: November In-Dept Principle Payment
  • [11/13/19] -¥2,000: December Low Lifestyle (one month prepaid) 
  • [11/13/19] -¥30: Heavy Pistol Caseless APDS Ammo (x10 Rounds) 
  • [11/13/19] -11 Karma: Initiation Grade 1 (will be complete 12/13/19)


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I talked to Inquisitor66 last Tuesday about playing a Rigger. This week I'll show up late and probably won't have my official character ready. I'm still working on the exact balance of "guy in a van" versus "Street Sam who likes drones". NEXT session I should be on-time and have all the math done.


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Operation Name:    "Free Kevin"

Operation Dates: 11/12/2080 - 11/13/2080    

Scope:    This was an extraction or data recovery exercise, to be executed within one week starting on 11/12/2080 at unknown location within Seattle Metroplex. Extraction of asset preferred, recovery of asset's data acceptable. Any person(s) accessing data to be sanctioned. 

Mission Area(s):    Protection, Recovery

Core Capabilities:    Intelligence and Information Gathering; Data Recovery

Participating Operative(s):

  •  Tux (Information Gathering, Close-Quarters Combat)
  •  Meat (Transportation, Close-Quarters Combat)
  •  Fluffy-Pants (Magical Threats, Information Gathering)

This was an extraction or data recovery exercise. Asset was Kevin Brokentooth (known to be a false ID) and Orc Male of approximately 20-25 years. Brokentooth was a shadow data courier who operated as a "gypsy cab" taxi driver as a cover.

Client asked for operation to be completed within one week starting on 11/12/2080.

Assets's location was unknown, but believed to be within the Seattle Metroplex. 

Extraction of asset preferred, recovery of asset's data acceptable. 

Any person(s) accessing data to be sanctioned.

Threat(s) or Hazard(s):    Magical, Street, Infected

Client(s): Mr. Johnson

Compensation: ¥39,000 

Operational Summary:
Based on information supplied by Client, we located an apartment belonging to Asset. 

Asset's apartment was located in the an neighborhood claimed as the "turf" of a minor street gang. Fluffy-Pants engaged the gang's apparent leader in a social dominance contest when he was initially uncooperative. Fluffy-Pants' unique style of aggressive negotiation proved useful in this instance and we gained access to Asset's apartment.

Apartment appeared disused and poorly kept, possibly a "crash" or "bolt hole" and not primary residence. I encountered an animal in the apartment bathroom, animal was uncooperative and sanctioned. Asset's apartment was also decorated in advertisements for a specific band, we also located a hand-written note naming a private club. Research cross-referencing the name of the band and the name of the club showed that they had played a "gig" at the club approximately three nights prior. This corresponded with the time Asset had last been seen.

Initial visit to the club was not successful. Club security was uncooperative. Fluffy-Pants' unique style of aggressive negotiation proved unhelpful.

Second visit to the club early the next day proved successful. Fluffy-Pants' returned to club's front entry to engage security. Meat and I gained entry via rear door into basement level. Asset was located in basement, behind chained and barricaded door (Speculation: door was possibly also magically warded. Unconfirmed.) Asset showed symptoms of HMHVV infection and demonstrated unwillingness to cooperate with extraction. Asset was sanctioned.

Data storage device (implanted into Asset's cranium) was recovered. 

End of report.

Supplemental Notes (Personal - Not for Distribution):
That damnable sukeban is going to get us all killed. Must continue to hope the ikumen can reign in sukeban's impulsiveness.

Both continue to prove valuable when operating in urban core and kawaruhito demographic, will maintain working relationship.

Team continues to have difficulties when operations involve serious Matrix use. I should try to recruit someone with expertise in that field. Perhaps develop my own expertise in that area? Night classes? Will research.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Since there are only a couple of sessions to go, rather than work out all the fiddly details of my character-in-progress, I think I will just stick with Topper. Since the basic Decker archetype is pretty pathetic when there's nothing to hack, I'd like to retroactively give him a vehicle, an RCC and some drones. None of his other stats or skills change except that he has only 2.1 essence.

The Ford Americar has an autosoft which it runs itself. The surveillance drones all get their autosofts from the bargain-bin RCC.

    Nuyen    Changes
+105,000    Replace Cyberjack, rating 6 (3e / 210,000¥) with the Used version (3.3e / 105,000¥).
-        125    All missing cyberprograms (Biofeedback, Blackout, Defuse, Fork, Lockdown) (25¥ each).
-   16,000    Essy Motors DroneMaster RCC (Device Rating 3, Data Processing 4, Firewall 4)
-   17,000    Ford Americar w/ rigger interface (Pilot 1, Sensors 2)
-     3,000    - Autosoft, Maneuvering [Ford Americar]  6
-     5,400    Shiawase Kanmushi, microdrones (Pilot 3, Sensor 2) (6 @ 900¥ ea)
-     3,000    - Autosoft, Clearsight [Shiawase Kanmushi]  6
-     3,000    - Autosoft, Stealth [Shiawase Kanmushi]  6
-   36,000    Lockheed Optic-X2, small drones (Pilot 4, Sensor 4) (2 @ 18,000¥ ea)
-     3,000    - Autosoft, Clearsight [Lockheed Optic-X2]  6
-     3,000    - Autosoft, Stealth [Lockheed Optic-X2]  6

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