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Group Buy from Game Matrix


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“So I’ve been going through all the blisters at Matrix sorting and organizing them. Their intent is to get rid of all the ones not readily salable. I sorted out all the ones that will sell quickly, but the rest are destined for eBay, with one other possibility beforehand.

If we group buy the lot (all of them) we will be given an 80% (!) discount. I’m trying to see who would be interested in joining the group buy. We’ll draw straws to determine who chooses first and we’ll all get a ton of stuff for only 20%!

I have a spreadsheet of what’s available that I will post later!

Matrix really needs us right now, so let’s do our best to support our local!”

Portland guys, I wanted to get you all in on this if you were interested!

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Hello, all! I do have the spreadsheet. Email me at bpoli7@aol.com for me to send it out to you. People have been extremely excited about this and as such have bought in a tremendous amount. Only around $400 remain of the entry buy amount.


All of the stuff is older, but most of it is still usable (Winter Americans and Germans, resin tanks that have been replaced by plastic, or proxy, such as RSO Pak40s as Marders, etc.) in V4 FOW.

There are blisters, box sets, and even a few army boxes!



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It will be a draft. Randomized pick order for the first round, then alternating first to last, last to first. Everyone gets a pick of a $15 or less blister, or a delay counter worth $15. Turn in your tokens for bigger stuff.


There will be an additional $50USD shipping fee assessed until we actually get it packaged up and shipped, then we’ll refund you the difference with a pick of the receipt. Many of our buyers are in Canada, so we put in this blanket fee for ease of paperwork.

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