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Current state of Flames of War?

Brother Glacius

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Hey Guys,

For those of you still playing FoW, what do you think of the current state of the game? Flames used to be my favorite game. I thought 3rd ed was fantastic and my armies really grew during that edition. 4th came out and I had trouble with the loss of so many units and the change in direction it seemed to me, to a more tank-centric game. My collection has been gathering dust and I've not played a game in years. That pains me as I really enjoyed the game. One of the things that BF promised was that over time, they would release rules for the units left out of the first releases. So I'm curious if they have kept their word on that. 

Anyways, I'm just really curious as to how the game is now and would appreciate your insight and thoughts.

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I am still playing. There have been limited weekly games in Oregon City on Tuesday nights. 


Recently put together & painted "Death or Glory" boys squadron (MidWar Brit).  I started with the formation in the Armored Fist book, then used a couple command cards. In the end, it's the same pieces acting the same manner as they did in previous editions. Everything is more ... ala-cart.


As for 4th edition play style;

- If you are more into Fun, this is better as the rules are less boggy and the Unit & command cards are awesome.

- If you are more into historical, the older editions have more & delve in deeper.

Me personally, I have always enjoyed each of the editions and since I am more into the painting & just playing around, 4th ed is good.

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I've been playing since 2nd edition basically (just started when 1st ended) and so I got really spoiled by the choices of 3rd. I loved the big compilation books, so many options. 4th just slapped me across the face with its limited units. I really do need to get over it though as I love Flames. Is there anywhere in Portland to play? 

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started playing this 4th edition last year and I like it a lot. I haven't been able to get any games though now that Tuesdays are out for me due to work.

I have been playing team yankee in 6mm here at home as well and really enjoy it.

Future reference: I have a 6x4 table and terrain here if anyone would like to schedule a game, there is ample parking. too much more of this non-playing though and i will be forced to offload my collection lol

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