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Dungeon Bowl/Blood Bowl tournament 6/11/2022 @ WOW


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2022OrdoColAllStarbanner.png.61de0d1fe48Ordo Collegiate All-Star Bowl

  • When: 6/11/2022
  • What: a three game Blood Bowl tournament using only Dungeon Bowl teams
  • Where: Ordo Clubhouse/WOW; registration at 9:30am, 10am game one start
  • How (Much): $10 Ordo Champions (Reaver level or higher), $15 General Entry

The Ordo Collegiate All-Star Bowl is a standard Blood Bowl Second Season Edition tournament, with a twist; the only teams available for use are the eight Colleges of Magic teams from the 2021 Dungeon Bowl boxed set. With Dungeon Bowl being considered a feeder event for regular Blood Bowl teams, the Colleges of Magic have collected the best talent from all over the Empire to highlight their abilities. The goal for each player is to play well enough to earn a contract with a major Blood Bowl team. 

The purpose of the event is to not only crown a champion, but also to play-test the viability of using the Colleges of Magic teams in regular Blood Bowl. This event will not be NAF-sanctioned as the team build using Dungeon Bowl teams would not be approved. 

There are no Portals or Chests used in this event. Trapdoors on the pitch do not teleport players.

The tournament pre-game sequence steps are:

  1. Roll for Fan Factor
  2. Roll for weather
  3. Determine (Roll/Flip) who kicks-off 

Differences in Team Value are not considered, so the Prayers to Nuffle table is only used when specified on the kick-off result table. 

Team Build: all teams are built using 1,150,000 gold crowns, and must be built from one of the College of Magic teams. No Blood Bowl teams from the Second Season Edition rulebook or Spike magazines are useable. All teams must be built to a minimum of eleven players. Coaches may purchase any team or tier-generic Blood Bowl and Death Zone inducements, except the following: no Special Plays, Star Players, or Wizards may be purchased. Teams may purchase Assistant Coaches, Team Cheerleaders and apothecaries as available in the Blood Bowl rules (Note: apothecaries cannot heal players with the Regeneration trait); the College of Death may purchase a Mortuary Assistant. Coaches have six chosen primary skills and one chosen secondary skill to apply to the players on their team. A coach may choose a seventh chosen primary instead of a chosen secondary if they wish. Only skills available in Dungeon Bowl are permitted, and skills that have a similar or identical name will follow the Dungeon Bowl rule book. No skill may be chose more than twice per team; example, two added Guard, two added Block, etc.. A player may only have one additional skill.

These skill additions have no impact on inducements. Skills that have no affect in tournaments games will not be used, such as Portal Navigator and Low Cost Linemen.

Please do not request Blood Bowl-related Special Rules for your team; for example, please do not ask if College of Life can have a Halfling Master Chef at the reduced cost. This is a College of Life team, not a Halfling team, so there is no reason to ask about Special Rules as they only pertain to Blood Bowl teams, not Dungeon Bowl teams. 


  • All-Empire College Bowl Champion (most tournament points)
  • 2nd Place (second most tournament points)
  • Best Defense (fewest TD’s allowed)
  • Best Offense (most TD’s scored)
  • Most Brutal (most casualties inflicted)

Coaches may only win one award. 

Scoring and Tournament Administration:

  • Win: 30 points
  • Draw: 10 points
  • Loss: zero points
  • Score 2+ touchdowns: 2 points
  • Win by 2+ touchdowns: 2 points
  • Inflict 2+ Casualties: 2 points
  • Inflict 2 or more casualties than your opponent: 2 points

Jason Weaver @Weav will administrate the event using the SCORE program. Fully painted teams are not required, but highly encouraged. Cocked-dice rules should be discussed before the game begins. Casualties are scored when a player model would earn SPP’s; crowd pushes, fouls and more DO NOT count towards  casualties for this event. Dice sharing is allowed but is not required. 

Players are required to bring:

  • Their clearly numbered and identified player models/miniatures
  • Skill bands to identify skills. The unofficial traditional colors are preferred; ie, blue for Block, green for Guard, white for Wrestle, etc…
  • Dice; only NAF or Games Workshop block dice are approved for use; no third-party block dice are allowed
  • Tokens for score, rerolls, turnovers and negative traits and more


  • Registration: 9:30am
  • Game One: 10am
  • Break: 12:20pm
  • Game Two: 1pm
  • Game Three: 3:30pm
  • Awards: ~ 6pm


  • There is no weather in a Dungeon Bowl game; do we roll for weather at the beginning of the game? Yes, this is a Blood Bowl tournament, and as such, weather applies. 
  • Do Snotlings have Tichy? Yes. 
  • Are we using the most recent Games Workshop Blood Bowl FAQ and Errata? Yes, but only for game-play rules, not anything regarding team build.
  • Are the rules for adding the new Norse players to the College of Beasts and College of Heavens from Spike! 14 being used? Yes.
  • Do Beer Boars have secondary access to Agility skills? Yes.

Ticket link (active 4/28/2022)

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Registered Coaches (√ roster received and validated):

College of Beasts: 1
College of Death: 2
College of Fire: 1
College of Heavens: 1 (2)
College of Life: 1
College of Light: 0
College of Metal: 3
College of Shadows: 1


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1 hour ago, Weav said:

Ticket link will be posted shortly

Registered Coaches:

  • Weav

I'll believe this ticket link when I see it. I know what you're up to. Can't lose the tournament if you're the only player in it!

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29 minutes ago, jollyork said:

Are games played on a BB pitch or a Dungeon Bowl dungeon? 

Blood Bowl pitch. This is a Blood Bowl tournament being played with Dungeon Bowl teams.

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5 hours ago, savion47 said:

I know I said I would participate, but I was informed I have a prior commitment. I accept all the hate mail I deserve for this.

Can we fit a Two Minutes Hate into the tournament schedule? 🤔

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Team Name: the Starry Wisdoms

College of Heavens

The Celestial Order would like to refute in no uncertain terms the accusation that entire sub-departments of our college have fallen to organized worship of one of the Chaos Powers. Specifically, several complaints have been leveled against our up-and-coming Dungeon Bowl team, the Starry Wisdoms, alleging that they do not adhere to the agreed-upon intercollegiate team composition rules.

To briefly address some of these specific points:

  • It's true that our Lizardmen and Skinks have large mouths, bright coloration, and more limbs than are normally associated with their species. They all belong to the same spawnings, and simply share these blessings in common.
  • The Norse, growing up in unfortunately-close proximity to the Chaos Wastes, frequently exhibit the odd mutation, which is why our Valkyries are unusually blue and avian in appearance.
  • Yes, our Norse Linemen wear golden masks. To be honest, Norsca is several decades behind in fashion, and the craze started by the College of Metal's famous trendsetter Balthasar Gelt is only now taking hold there.
  • Reports that our star Thrower has only one eye are correct. He's very sensitive about it. Please stop pointing it out. His preternatural skills at delivering the ball across the field are not due to illicit gifts of mystic foresight; he just works very hard in Physics class.
  • As for the frenzied flames that have been observed capering between the sidelines as if they possessed a rudimentary intelligence... please direct your complaints to the College of Fire, we have nothing to do with it.

It is our hope that these scurrilous allegations can be put to rest, and the Ordo Collegiate All-Star Bowl can proceed unhindered, as the Great Crow constellation foretells.

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1 hour ago, Swensos83 said:

@Weav It turns out I have a conflict and I can’t make it to this. Sorry. I’m really bummed. I think this is a great idea for a tourney and hope you do it again so I can participate. Please add two extra Minutes of Hate to the tournament. 

Roger that, I’ll process a refund shortly. You’ll be missed, Steven!

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2 hours ago, Weav said:

We have lost another player. Please spread the word.

Look, I'm poisoning them for a reason. You want I should undo all my hard work?

(seriously though, I'll do what I can)

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10 minutes ago, Giandroid said:

I don't have a DB team though but I could maybe cobble one together from the teams I have. Anyone able to spend a few minutes to help me figure one out?

Yeah man, I can help on Tuesday. I don’t have a game that night.

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On 5/20/2022 at 3:20 PM, Giandroid said:

I can also chat you on FB. I got a Norse team recently and I wonder if I can integrate it in with some of the teams I have

Yeah, half the players are on the College of Beasts, they others are on the College of Heavens. I’ll PM you the lists.

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We're at seven coaches for the Ordo Collegiate All-Star Bowl, with me being the eighth if needed. Please put out the word, we'd definitely like some additional players for this one-of-a-kind event.

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