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VC: skeletons or zombies

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First off....I'm sorry if this has already been discussed here,


I am getting back into the hobby after being away from it for a year and a half. I am starting fresh with a vampire counts army. My question is: is the way to go skeletons or zombies as main core units. I really like the idea of the skeletons for the look of the army but for almost the same points you can get twice as many zombies. Zombies seem to go better with the synergie since different tricks will cause opponents be be fighting at low initiative anyway. I guess is it worth the extra points in any way for the skeletons? What do most people go with?

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Zombies. Neither unit can kill anyone. Go with the unit that synergizes with most of the army tricks and is substantially cheaper.


If you like skeletons go with grave guard. Those guys murder. Banner of Barrows makes the unit fearsome.


Zombies are good necromancer bunkers.


It's not uncommon to start with 25 and be at 50 within a few turns of IoN

I always bring 2 x 25 with standard and musicians


Skeletons just die less fast and get a champ/magic standard

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Here's my thoughts as both a once vampire counts player and vampire counts opponent:


Zombies are great for wizard bunkers.  Stick a unit, perhaps two, of 20 behind your main line and keep your neco w/master of the dead alive to keep raising skeletons in your other core units.


I like the skeletons because of the master of the dead upgrade and they can cause a lot of problems if your enemy can't smash through them in two rounds of combat.  To help them stick around longer, a vampire and a necro with master of the dead raising more bodies in them is a nice touch.


They both have their uses.

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Zombies require you to have good magic phases. If you don't, you'll suffer fairly insane losses that can't be recouped. Skeletons are much more resilient. 5+/6+ base is nothing to sneeze at. Plus you can add magic banners. Also, there isn't a reason to just do TK or VC anymore. Do an Undead list. Toss in a tomb prince into either unit and now have a WS5 unit that comes back. Also, TK magic augments are great on either unit.


If you are sticking with just VC, I would recommend skels over zombies. Zombies can be used as bunkers, or 40+ units can be used as temp tar pits. If you want something to fight alongside characters, then I would go with skeletons.

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I have had a lot of luck with TK sword and board skeleton warrior blocks of 50. Only 230 points for a good tar pit that has a lot of options for synergy.


50 seems to be the sweet spot for me and I don't ever have to invest in raising them.


I have won a lot of games combining this unit with a Necrotect, Tomb King/Prince, and a good magic phase. However you may wanna spend that amount of points elswhere.


Whether you wanna tar pit for cheap or have something that requires some finesse to break steadfast unit. I think TK skellies are the best bang for the buck and certainly have the most flexibility.

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