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2500 WoC Fist try at a list in 3 years

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So we are starting a league up here in Olympia soon and it ends at 2500 points. I haven't touched fantasy in three years or so. For leagues I like to build my final list and then work backwards. So it wont be great but here we go.



Archaon on Dorghar - 650



30 warriors, MoK, extra hand weapon, standard - 550

30 warriors, MoN, shields, standard - 530

20 Hounds, poison - 140

20 Hounds, poison - 140



5 Knights, ensorcelled weapons, standard, MoK, musician - 245



Hell cannon - 210


total 2455


So I know what you are thinking. Why squads of 20 hounds. Well.... because I own that many and I needed to fill points. I am not sure what to spend the last 45 points on. Archaon acts as a BSB so I didn't bring one. But I could drop one of the dog squads maybe just run two 10 man squads and run a real BSB... not sure. Been a long time since I played.

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I would suggest breaking those dog units up as such:


2 units of 10 for flank support charges

4 units of 5 to act as redirectors and to have multiple threats to getting to war machines


You dogs aren't meant for killing, as you will soon find out, but they excell as redirectors and harrassing the enemies weak flank, skirmishers, fast cav, and war machines.  If you have them, slannesh mauraders are great at harrassing war machines because they don't take panic checks.


You're going to want to redirect things so you don't get redirected with your khorne units.


With the 45 points you have left over, look into some sort of magic banner for your knights.  I don't know how many points you are allowed to spend on a magic banner for the knights but if you can, I would suggest the razor standard for the extra armour punch.

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Yeah with those massive dog units people will be trying to redirect your Khorne unit to make them obsolete so having a few more units would help. i would try 4 units of 10 hounds actually and see how they go and if needed break them down further to units of 5 if needed. (They are like cannon fodder and die pretty easy anyways) 

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Death or Nurgle. Archaon is certainly fun, run him at times, but not always. 


 Id want a list to look something like this, 


Lv4 Nurgle kit

BSB Khorne kit

Lv2 Nurgle kit


-20 Warriors, Khorne, FC x2hw

-20 Warriors, Nurgle, FC GW------ gives you a S6 option in the army. 

-5 dogs

-5 dogs

-5 dogs vanguard

-5 dogs vanguard

-Chariots------------------------these will help out a ton. 


-5 knights, khorne, fc


-Hell cannon

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I would suggest death on your level 4 and if you have 35 points for the staff of sorcery this will really help you in the dispel phase.  It's a magic item in the MRB FAQ and gives your wizard +1 to dispel (+5 to dispel is extremely nice for 35 pts. on an arcane item).


As for the level 2, I'd suggest either fire or metal (I don't know which lores you have access to).  Fire gives you a cheap magic missile to clear chaff.  Metal gives you access to some great buffs and the magic missile is extremley handy for armour heavy armies.

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I definitely like the idea of splitting up the dogs into more smaller units. 


I think you should experiment with different lores on your level 4. With your current build you have access to fire, shadow, death, metal and nurgle.


While death is probably the strongest lore outside of any context, you should see what works well with your list and your play style. For example, you're running large warrior blocks, which is not normal in the current competitive lists. The blocks themselves really like to have a lore with some buffs which are pretty good in nurgle and shadow. 


I would experiment with the different lores over the course of a number of games, especially since doing so doesn't require a difference in the models you field.


One other thing to consider, core warriors get magic banners. If a level 4 is your general, standard of discipline on the nurgle warriors is a must. This leaves banner of swiftness as an option for the khorne ones.


Also consider adding and testing out some variation of the following character:


Exalted hero

Mark of Nurgle

Scaly Skin



Great Weapon

Battle Standard Bearer


Total: 208


This will really add some punch to the nurgle block and allow them to have much needed pych re-rolls. He's durable enough most opponents will end up not directing attacks at him when possible.

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