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Apocalypse Update


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So the date is January 24th of our New Year of 2015 at noon


So far here is the list of locked in players:

Jason - Imperial Fists

Shae - Tyranids

Corey - Marines

Loren - Space Wolves/White Scars

Duncan - Bloody Angels

Mike Petey - Dark Angels/ Maybe Tyranids

Eli - Guard (not astra militarum)

Jake - Grey Knights/ Maybe Dark Angels


So here is the list of potential players (still need confirmation):

Jim - Necrons

Brad Nardone - Tyranids

Brad Not Nardone - Castle of Le Douche

Shaun???? - We could really use your Nids


Anyone else?? The poles are still open....


So here is the sorta Mission type we are kinda looking at. Trying to get Xeno vs. Marines. If there are enough players we are looking at setting up 3 separate gaming tables. Dividing players amongst the three, having similar armies on the same tables. Tables will be able to interact with each other.


The last time we did this (as Jim and Loren can attest to) We had one table the outdoor table and the other the basement table. You can move from table to table to help out your team as you see fit. It turns out to be super fun. Remember one person on each team will be elected the War Master and receive a special trait to assist their side. The actual mission Jason will create (he is pretty awesome when it comes to writing missions). This will all happen once I get a final confirmation of who will be attending.


I do ask that if you confirm and are going to play, you do everything in your power to make the game day as it can really influence the mission that will be written. If you flake...you die. Well now that's settled any body else please get on board as the train will soon leave the station. We do need some more Xenos players to balance it out. But we will take all comers. Remember the most important things is that we create a fluff for the game. Why are these armies together and why are they fighting? That is what makes the Apoc truly fun. Let's Do It Guys.


So breaking news. It doesn't need to be painted but how the rule will stand, to award those who have put the effort in, is any fully painted unit shooting at another unpainted unit will get preferred enemy against them. It's not detrimental but enough to encourage painting. Again it's Apoc, it doesn't matter who wins it just matters what's left standing on the battlefield when the dust settles.

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Corey Much Apologies, You beat me this time. Yeah we have to stick with the 24th. If you can make that time at all we would love to have you. Mike if you can do nids, how many painted and how many points in total? Brad how many Insectiod creatures do you have?


Eli, Jim, Duncan Jake. Can any of you guys confirm?

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