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Necron Codex drop

Lord Hanaur

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So it was suggested by some that January would be the month of the Necrons butthis seems so unlikely given the absolute dearth of rumors!  


I would have thought the internet flooded with rumors and it's January 7th so i mean, just after a Blood Angels release.  So i feel like February is more likely?  Has anyone got anything more substantial to offer in tghe way of info other than "January", and "there will be a necron Destroyer lord kit" and "Dynasties will be big".


Because outside of those pieces, the rumor mill is flat dead as far as I can find.  Anyone else have thoughts on it?


The "interactive" edition appears to be online still and available.

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SPotted this on BoLS, think the last Necron rumour thread was locked so started a new one.

OK, folks, its been a long while without Necron rumors, but a whole batch just arrived.  Come See!
Codex Necrons:
Crammed into the GW schedule right before the new year.
Pre-orders Dec. 19th
Street date: Dec 26th
(Previous chatter from last month says first week of January)
Little to no new models (a la Grey Knights)
(scattered chatter says perhaps 1 character clampack and 1 Destroyer/DestroyerLord plastic kit)
Look for Nerfs to the following:
Doom Scythes
Night Scythes
Tesla will get an overhaul to their rules.
Deathray will receive a big overhaul to how it targets models.
Characters remain fundamentally unchanged.
The Stormlord will recieve a Necron themed orbital bombardment of some type once per game.
Warlord Traits are good with some granting individual units USRs, while another listed granted an improved version of Reanimation Protocols
Rumors are rated: Above-Average, coming from known and unknown sources.
~ It's gonna be CRAZY if GW just keeps releasing new products right through Christmas.  I mean what will 2015 bring if less than 18 months after a new edition, every codex has been done in hardback?
Take with salt because of the source.....
Automatically Appended Next Post:
Worth noting that Lords of War gaming have it for January-


A little bit of correction of the Necron rumors: They will receive a codex, but it will be in January. There will be a major change to FoC in this codex. You will also see the release of the third "End Times" book in January as well.
And i know out of the two who i believe more.....


Darnok just posted on Warseer
    For now I don't have much but this:
    Codex: Necrons to be released on the 31st of January
    two clampack characters alongside the codex - nothing else
    I expect some cards as well, but concerning new models it will only be those two clampacks. As can be seen in the SoB: Exterminatus book, some boxes of existing models will get a repackage with the new 32mm bases.

BoLS wrote-
This Necron Rumor season has been all over the place, but at last it's starting to gel.  Here's today's news:
The latest word on the Necrons:
Short-term Stuff
Necrons - January 2015
-Clampack Necron Lord
-Clampack Cryptek
Codex is described at "thick, almost Space Marine sized".  Look for it to include lots of fluff, as well as many Lords of War & Formations (possibly some of the Apoc ones.)
Medium-term Stuff
Later in 2015, Necrons will star in a Campaign Book, alongside 3 additional kits (both reworks, and new kits)
These Rumors are rated RELIABLE, coming from known good sources.
The most interesting thing of this bunch to me is the word of a Necron Campaign book coming later in 2015 with 3 new kits attached. It would appear that the success of Stormclaw, Shield of Baal, and the WFB End Times series is moving Games Workshop in a new direction.  It looks like we can from now on expect to see a "two-track" parallel releases of  the traditional army codices with accompanying supplemental codices (and some minis), with a second track of these "X vs Y" campaigns that include book sets with integrated new rules and minis as well.
New Necron lord model-






Better image
Mephrit Dynasty Resurgance Decurion
REQUIREMENTS: 2 Units of Warriors, 2 Units of Immortals, and a Monolith
REWARD: At the beggining of the movement phase, the Monolith can repair 1d6 warriors, or 1d3 Immortals, from a single unit within 6″
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