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Anyone got any good counts as for Fenrisian wolves that I can use in a Mecha army? I'm stumpped.

Maybe more of a visual gag, but I believe there is a battletech "wolf" model. Not really a wolf model, but it is recognizable as a wolf, even if as a different meaning for the word, but it should be enough. Should be about the right size too.

EDIT: "wolfhound"Experimental_Wolfhound.jpg

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Oh, for the Space Cops.....gosh who was that.  Those did look pretty amazing, especially for it being bitz.  He used Chainswords for the mouths.  

Brick, maybe? He did have that awesome arbite army a while back.

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Yeah, it was an Arbite Army.  Was it Bricks? 


I didn't see it in the couple searches I just did in the Forum Search Bar, but I'm sure come tomorrow, someone will see the thread and post the pics.  :)

Brick certainly had one, but I recall the arbite dogs you were talking about and I'm not sure if that one was Bricks. It was a popular army theme for a while.

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Yeah, he used a bunch of IG bits in a real interesting way. If I remember correctly it was mortar bipod for the legs and an autocannon for the body. Great stuff.

He had those scout nightvision googles for eyes, I think, too.

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The Space Rangers are about Marine size, maybe a touch shorter. The Mechs are on the same bases for size comparison.

Ooohhh! You're going for a more high-tech counts as force right? Check out the space ships on the very bottom of the page. Great little drones, could be the perfect choice for cyber wolves.

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