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Game Night 1/11? Game Night 1/11!

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ill be bringing the beasts this week.  trying to see if i want to go that route or dwarfs... im leaning towards dwarfs with a cannon instead of stone thrower(just too unreliable), but i want to see how this 'fun' monster mash works.  its essentially what i had for the rampage minus festus and adding a bunch of monsters.

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thanks for the game ben.  superb game in general.  really like your oldblood build.  dont get the impression that rippers are 'bad' from our game.  they just didnt have any good targets really except that gor block.  i think with your tetto-eko build if we remember vanguard i think your list will be tough to deal with.  

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I lost, but man I had a good time. Just ask Exile about two of my magic phases. Never seen that before. First I needed a 9 (a 4 after my lvl and bonus to cast.) to cast a spell, I rolled three 1's. The very next magic I threaten my Sorceress to do better, I get four 6's out of four dice.  :huh:


Haven't laughed that hard about something game related in a long time. (And yes, Exile was laughing too.)

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