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OFCC Plans?


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So, OFCC stuff is starting to fill up. Who's in?


I definitely want to go, but am on the fence about the system. Lately I've been into Fantasy more than 40k, but I could have fun playing either and could be pushed over with a feather. Not sure where Fantasy is going to be a year from now, either.

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I'm in the same boat.  I'm going, definitely.  But I could do 40k or Fantasy.  I'm turned off by fantasy right now, but the comp pack helps a lot with that, and playing with an 18-20 comp list trying to get some of the bonus points would be fun.  I'll probably wait to see what Joel puts up for 40k.

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I've asked Sylvos if he could put a placeholder Warhamster team on the waiting list.


The big first question always comes down to whether previous teams want to reprise their membership the following year. Haven't heard from a lot of folks who went last year.


40k is slower, because the rules and format haven't been posted yet, correct? In past years the tourney pack hasn't been posted in advance. Makes it hard to know how to balance the two!

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