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Shipping Warhammer to the UK?


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USPS shipping calculator is correct. That's what you should charge him. Pack it, weigh it out and then give him the price that it gives you.


Unfortunately, shipping to non-US destinations is crazy high nowadays. I don't even bother with anyone except Canada and most Canadians give up when they see my shipping quote.

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If you have a printer, you can save by printing your postage online. Generally flat rate is good only for really heavy stuff. Unless you're shipping a lot of metal, it won't be worth it.


Example USPS price for 5 lbs to England:

Normal Priority - $59.30 retail, $53.42 online

Large Flat Rate - $80.50 or $76.50 online

Med Flat Rate - $61.75 or $58.65 online

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