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In the year 3000...

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yea its pretty awesome that the NW has not only a fun gaming community, but a socially connected one as well.  pretty awesome job by ordo... feel really happy to have ended up here.  


side note about metas: whats really funny is everyone in my old meta in iowa played HEs.  i have YET to play against them here and have played 3 new races ive never faced lol. i love the diversity of gamers/styles, even if i dont agree with them i like contrast in thoughts and most people are pretty respectable on here!  but yea 3k topics is a lot.  we are such geeks  :cool:

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Sometimes I feel that number of topics was started by about five thread members. (You know, those of us who get bored in the middle of the day.) But in truth it is the cummunity here as a whole that keeps us coming back.


That and the half chance we might see a thread get so side tracked we forget what the origonal subject was.


Speaking of which, do you think Purple and Black is a good color scheme for DE?:wink:

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