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Ordo Garage Post-Sale!


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Stuff left over from the Gamer Garage sale!




5 Cold One Knights (Cold Ones assembled, riders on sprue) - $15


4 Leadbelchers (assembled, 1 primed) - $15


Dwarf Lot:

-14 Dwarf Warriors. Great Weapons, Full Command. 12 primed, 2 partly painted

-1 Skull Pass Engineer

-1 Skull Pass Dwarf Hero dude (helm horn broken)

-2 Skull Pass Slayers





Space Marine Tac Squads lot:

-26 Tactical Marines (2 assembled / partially assembled, 1 assembled and primed AOBR Marine, 23 on sprue)

-Tons of special weapons (3x PFist, 3 Plasma, 3 Flamer, 3 Flamer, 3 Melta, 2 Rocket, command sprue, etc)



4 1/2 Scouts (because I can't find a set of lets to save my life) w/ sniper rifles - $10


Dreadnought (assembled, AOBR?, MM and DCCW w/ Heavy Flamer, MM magnetized) - $10


Dark Angles lot:

-Chapter Master and Librarian from Dark Vengeance set

-Slightly picked-over Chapter Upgrade Frame



Eldar lot

-4... Guardians? and a Screaming Banshee?



Pics of everything can be found herehttp://s357.photobucket.com/user/GeddonSell/library/Ordo%20Gamer%20Garage%20Sale%202015?sort=3&page=1




Would consider trades / partial trades, but my "Wants" stuff are fairly specific:


Stonehorns! (need 3 of 'em. New / assembled / painted, whatever)


NIB / On Sprue:

-Empire Battle Wizard

-Empire Free Company

-Putrid Blight Kings


Board Games:

Eldric Horror (oh man, I want it)

Lords of Waterdeep expansion

Various Cryptizoic deck building game stuff (non-core DC deckbuilder or non-Fellowship LOTR stuff)

Other stuff, let me know what you have

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Dibs on the Land raider Crusader.



What time will you be there tomorrow?

Sounds good, I'll put it aside for you. I'll be there at 10 to set up, and will be there until about 1:45 / 2. Let me know around what time you are coming by :)


Well I have my Son tomorrow so I won't be able to come down, but if the Dark Riders are still available after the sale send me a PM.

Will do!
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Packing up to head out! Bringing some MTG cards to trade as well. 


If you are picking up stuff from me, I'll be the guy with the Star Wars shirt on. Round guy, shaved head, beard, bleary look in his eyes from not enough sleep.

...hopefully I didn't describe 1/2 the sellers who are going to be there. NOBODY ELSE WEAR A STAR WARS SHIRT!

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