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Overview of the Firestorm Factions


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Shamelessly copied from the spartan games forums:




Dindrenzi: Long range specialists with high damage output.

Terran: Slow, heavily defended ships outlasting foes in battle.

Aquan: Extremely agile, medium range hunters.

Sorylian: Close range, powerful broadside weapons and boarding.

Directorate: High tech weapons and ships with electronic warfare.

Rethloza: Stealthy ships and teleporters.

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This is a funny thread.  :laugh:


You should consider moderating your ordering until you've played a few games.   I've gone through about 3 permutations of what I thought was a good fleet, and have a lot of useless/unplayed models because of it.   We play at Guardian most Saturdays at noon.   Most people I know are happy to substibute/borrow/lend ships of any faction. 

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Ok then I will be EVIL.  :tongue:


If you really wanna be good at this game you need to collect the 'support' fleet minor races and build a fleet of Ba'Kash, Ryushi, Tarakians or Works Raptor!


But seriously, Aquans vs. Relthoza would be a great place to start.  Terrans are good "jack of all trades" but they've fallen out of favor for me due to their reliance on shields (which are inherently unreliable).  That said I have probably 2000pts of Terrans.  Doh.  Sorylians sound good but aren't.

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