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anyone going to the Borderlands Tourney this Sunday?

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Hmmmm...maybe I could do it. do y'all keep these things a secret intentionally? I just went to the Borderlands site to see if I could find hide or hair of this event and nothing....perhaps I have to log in to Facebook to find out? The Ordo calendar does not have the event either.


The Borderlands folks always put on a nice lil' three game event, but attendance is usually dismal (I'm guessing here) because nobody knows about the events.


OK so it starts at 10:30 and is 2,500 points...is that right? Lists in advance?

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I'm gonna try to rally some folks from up here.


Is there any specific-to-this-Sunday info on tournament format (e.g. scoring/scenarios/etc)?  I found a general description on their site:



But this seems maybe not 100% accurate since the Sunday event description says "free"... is it otherwise following the above linked format?

Also, list submission was yesterday (sad face) does anyone know how strict they are on that?  Can I send tonight still??

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I will probably be running OFCC scenarios. Haven't decided which yet.


Entry is free with purchases made that day going towards prize support.


Lists are good. Helps me know for sure how many people to plan for.


Hope too see a bunch of you on Sunday.


That sounds great!  I've been wanting to try those OFCC scenarios.  I'm definitely coming down for this, unless my wife goes into labor before then (doubtful but... could happen).


Otherwise I'll see you there, and I'll try to get my brothers to join, too!




PS: Talapas, is Army Builder list saved as .pdf okay for a list?

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