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Happy May The 4th!


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Everything I've heard is that the plan is Star Wars VII, a Boba Fett solo film that may be an Ocean's Eleven sort of thing with bounty hunters (please let this be true, would so love to see Bossk, Zuckuss and IG-88 fleshed out), and a mother[big bad swear word]ing ROGUE SQUADRON movie, then Stars Wars VIII.


A Rogue Squadron movie would be the best thing ever.  You can never have enough space dogfights, and damn your "but three-dimensional space combat!' blather!

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Rogue One is confirmed to be the next movie after VII and it is going to be the rumored "Oceans Eleven"-style heist film that will focus on the group (presumably made up many Bothans who will die) who rip off the Death Star plans prior to Episode IV. I haven't heard any details on the Boba film, but I'm hoping that instead of just an origin story, it's about him escaping the Sarlaac pit and going on to have more adventures in the post-Empire world.

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