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Imperial Knight Codex: Thoughts?

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So I picked up the new codex, and data cards this weekend. I haven't had too much time to go through it, but from what I have gone through... I like it. The book expands a bit on the lore: less on the Knights as a whole it seems, but more on the individual houses, heroes, and the look of the Knights. It takes time to explain the Knight heraldry, and why the Knight houses are painted the way they are. This is something I really like, and wish had been in the first codex, as I would have incorporated this knowledge when I painted my Knights. 


I like how they added in the three new Knight variants, and expanded the options for the two previous Knight models. I also really like how they made the Warlord traits something worth while this go around, and the heirlooms are super nice. I can see myself fielding a household detachments with a Banner alongside my Space Marines. I think it would be fun. :D


Getting rid of the randomly generated Knightly "ranks" in favor of one Knight getting a boost is an improvement. I disliked the idea that one of my Knights could  randomly get weaker stats, but still cost the same. While I understand that I could just as likely get better stats and it would cost the same; it still felt more like a gamble rather than a fun bonus. But of course, that is how I felt rather than how other people may have felt. 


The new objectives are neat, and I like them quite a bit. I think it would be a toss up between those, and the Skitarii cards when I field a combined Household/Skitarii army. 


I think I would have liked to see a slight point reduction. Not as much as a Wraitknight, but somewhere along the lines of a Knight with one of the upgrades would have been the same cost as the old codex. But I can also see why that didn't happen, as the ability to field an army made up entirely of Super Heavies is huge. I guess this last point is something I'm going to have to mull over for a while over.


And most likely get in many more games before I decide one way or another. 


What about you? Thoughts? Opinions?

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I'm loving a clear way to have a knight warlord. Yeah I'm a little disappointed I just picked up the original book two months ago but at least my local shop wasn't left holding it. The new book impressed my so much I'm not that bothered.


Having a hard time deciding between a baronial formation, and a basic detachment. Objective secured, or possible overwatch... Choices choices loving it.

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Warden to be baron, gallant, and crusader. This would give me two with good overwatch options and one to charge headlong with...


Heavy Flamer for wall of death or go for a lucky streak from the avenger cannon... Gives you a 3+ to the front on the ion shields to try and weather first turn better...

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