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OFCC Ork work log

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Here is where I will be putting up pictures of all the stuff I'm putting together for OFCC. Enjoy!


First is my Mekboy Junkka. It' has a turreted supa skorcha, a hull-mounted skorcha, and two hull-mounted big shootas. it's AV 12 on all sides, and is (sometimes) a fast vehicle.





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Love what you're doing and the direction these are heading. One quick suggestion: I notice a lot of even numbered additions. Doing things in odd numbers and/or asymmetrical is hard for people. We're built to like even numbered and symmetrical. Going against that really ramps up the Orkyness! Two big exhaust stacks in the back of a Trukk is good, three big exhaust stacks sticking out the side is better;)

Looking fantastic so far and eagerly waiting for more!

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Yeah, I know that one is the only one that is symmetrical like that. Trust me. It's because it's a looted wagon. The mek wanted to try and recreate what he saw, and got carried away. He thought "Dem 'umies did it diz way, and it made a big boom". so he thought the symetry was what made it go boom. hah.


Here are some WIP with the kopta, i know you guys wanted to see that. looted raider (old school), this is not done, but it's what i got so far. It's got a skorcha in the nose (figured a ork style flakk cannon was fine), and a twin-linked deffgun  under the wings (there's your asymmetry!)






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