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Looking for ideas

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I think you guys are missing the point of this topic. I was hoping for actual ideas.

Maybe a few more details than this and the OP? Seems very vague and seems like you are getting vague answers.


Though, I will second the Archie'on, Ginger of the Apocalypse...

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Not trolling you, just giving you some PUNishment for being vague;)

Does your army have a theme?

Do you just hate the model? If so what do you hate about it?

Looking to make him: bigger, meaner, more imposing, more touched by chaos, an example of fallen gallantry, a no-nonsense killing machine, a bestial rage monster, the personification of Death itself, a tragic figure, a world weary mercenary searching for the one opponent skilled enough to end his tormented existence on the field of battle?

A touch of clarification and I bet you'll have people jumping all over the thread with ideas. Good luck!

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