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DMB PBR issues a Challenge to DMB Brohan


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Hark! A challenge has been issued! The Appletini Battle Honor challenge. Does the cowardly old man who captains the Brohanitas have the guts to accept the appletini-flavored justice coming his way?

Day One Battle Honor shall be totaled thusly: with a Win being worth 1 point, a Draw 0, and a Loss -1, summed for all three games for all players on that team.

1) The captain whose team has earned the higher record of the two (hereupon known as THE HONORABLE WINNER) shall buy his opposing captain with the lower score (THE SAD LOSER) a number of Appletinis equal to the difference in Battle Honor.

2) The SAD LOSER shall purchase a number of PBRs (or equivalent brew) for the HONORABLE WINNER.

3) Both shall consume these libations while being lauded or laughed at by all and sundry.

What say you, yellow craven?

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