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Free ‘garage’ pool table GONE!!!!


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Free ‘garage’ pool table, you just have to come get it!  Located in South East Portland. 


8ftx4ft play surface, ¾ inch single piece slate, Gotham Pool Table, probably built in the 70’s.


The table itself is in solid condition, with some minor scratches and aesthetic issues. 


The felt was restreched about 2 years ago, and is in reasonable condition.  It’s been played on 2 or 3 times since then, and spent the rest of the time covered.


Did I mention it’s free?  J


A couple of pool cues and a full set of billiard balls included. 





PM me or give me a call @ 503-781-1879



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Dibs have been called.  Sorting out the details.  



This has been a great table, and has seen more 40k games than pool games in the last 5 years.  I built 2 4x4 MDF boards, green felt on one side of each (gives me a 4x8 green field that is not the pool table felt itself).  I put linoleum on the other side of each, one painted to look like space, the other like city blocks.  You can see one of the boards in the picture above.  These do not come with the free table, but may serve as inspiration on how to get multiple uses out of your pool table, and still protect the playing surface.  


It gets you your 4x6 play size and still leaves a 2ft sideboard.    As anyone who attended OFCC 2015 can attest, SIDE BOARDS ARE AWESOME!  Praise be to the Senators.  


With the boards on, and a cover laid over the entire setup, it makes a great project work surface too.  

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