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Tuesday Hamster Madness Aug 4th


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Let's do this one. How many points do you wanna do?


Battle Arrow #3:

American Sector

US Attack

Attacker’s nationality and company type: US, Armored

Defender’s nationality and company type: GE, Infantry

Firestorm units:

-- US 2nd Armd (CCB): CV-Armored Rifle Platoon-Comd Rifle, 5x Bazooka, Mortar, 2 LMG, 5x Rifle, 5x M3 Halftrack

-- US 8 Corps Arty: CT-Fd Arty Bty (155)-Comd, Staff, Observer/Jeep, 4x M1 155mm, AOP

-- GE, 265 Inf Div: CV-Grenadier Platoon-Comd Panzerfaust SMG, 6x Rifle/MG

Sector the attacker started in: UTAH Beach

Sector that was the target of the attack: Quineville (NW of UTAH)

Basic terrain type. Woods

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Jim Change of plans apparently that one was already done! We have to switch and none of the available have the same Firestorm units.


Battle Arrow #9:

US Sector

Allied attack from OMAHA Beach to sector south of GE 352 Inf Div

Firestorm Units:

-- US 5 Corps Arty: CT-Fd Arty Bty (155)-Comd, Staff, Observer/Jeep, 4x M1 155mm, AOP

-- US 1 Inf Div: CV-Rifle Platoon-Comd Rifle, Bazooka, 9x Rifle Teams

Terrain: Woods

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The online models have yet to arrive for Infinity but I would like to get another practice game in. I read the Rules PDF but as in all things I need a practical element for things to hit home.


I'll be there at around 6:00PM and if no Infinity demo games are to be had will probably paint and faff about.


If you don't find anyone to play with tomorrow I will definitely play a game next week.  Though I barely understand the rules, so fair warning.

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