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Role-players for a SWAT training


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Hello there,


The Bellingham Police Department's Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team commonly utilizes volunteer role-players in team training scenarios for a variety of roles:  hostages; innocents; suspects and the like.


Although money isn't paid and it's highly doubtful that you'll get any kind of a bonus prize for attending, you will be helping your local police department's SWAT team hone its tactical acumen by assisting with their training.  Volunteer role-players play a crucial role in scenario-based trainings and are valued for their ability to assist in creating a more-realistic scenario for the team to train in.  You will not be subjected to directed danger and every accommodation is made for participants' safety during the training.  That being said, you're in an environment that has dangers in it so please take that into account.  Extensive weapons checks, tight scripts for participants as well as structured scenarios all add to your safety.


A scheduled training is coming up on Friday, December 4th from noon until approximately 10pm.  You do not need to be available at noon; role-players can be inserted into the scenario as late as 4pm.


If you are interested please let me know either here or via PM.  Please be reminded that volunteering for a police department training also has a few rules associated with it (i.e. you can't bring a kilo of Columbian bam-bam with you to help keep you awake, the training would not be the time to actually take hostages and make demands, etc.) but we can go over those in detail should the need arise.  I trust that the vast majority of persons here are responsible adults and will act accordingly.


For those of you with children, my own boy has been participating since he was 8 and really gets a kick out of it so it's not like children are not eligible.  We deal with tactical situations involving children in the real world; training is no different.


Questions, comments or concerns?  Please don't hesitate to let me know.


Stay safe,



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Mr. Graham,


An announcement wouldn't be necessary, as this particular training won't be an active shooter type scenario, so hordes o' folks won't be needed.


If you know of a few quality persons please by all means steer them my way.  Our college volunteer pool dropped due to last year's graduation and we're always looking for helpers.  We train twice a month so bodies help immensely.


Thanks and stay safe,



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