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Nomads that I'm getting rid of


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So here are the Nomads I'm getting rid of. They are mostly old sculpts except for the Ice Storm models. The whole lot for $50. 


Original starter box

-2x Alguacil


-Zero w/Combi

-Mobile Brigada w/Multi rifle


Mobile Brigada w/HMG

Spektr Hacker

Hellcat w/Combi

Hellcat w/ADHL

Interventor Hacker

Sin Eater Observant w/Multi Sniper rifle

2x Intruder w/Combi

2x Intruder w/Multi Sniper rifle

Set of Zonds Remotes (One Smart missile, one total reaction HMG) $25 for the set


I have one complete set of 7 models from Ice Storm.


I have a partial set from Ice Storm that are:

-3x Alguacils

-Spektr w/Combi

-Grenzer w/Sniper rifle








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I'm interested in the sin eater and the zonds.



I would like to buy the far right girl and far left model from pic one please!



Raindog gets one of the hackers and one of the female agluacils. 


John gets the rest of the Ice Storm Agluacils.



I'm selling all the rest as a lot for the slimmed down price of $50. First one to message me, gets them!

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