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Fellow gamers in the portland vancouver area


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Times have fallen on me of being jobless. Being in desperate need of something anything that sill help me get back on the track of living i come to my fellow ordo members for a request if any of your places of employment are hiring please let me know asap. I have enough money to get me through for rent this month but as i owe somebody some models and lack the funds to get them i need to find a job like yesterday. Please im desperate i will take anything anyone can offer


My contact information is 360 310 6153 my name is derek just like my username so please anything helps thank you again guys

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Derek, All My Sons ( http://www.allmysons.com ) is also pretty much always hiring, the manager Andy is a really good dude but he is very strict about certain things. you need to be there no later then 7am to get work that day, I always showed up at 645am. Drivers make more then Lumpers. Might take a few days or even a week of showing up at 645am to make sure you get assigned to a Truck/job regularly.


Not sure if you have ever moved furniture before, but usually the first 1-2 weeks is rough while your body gets use to that kind of work. Most people don't make it past the first week, one of the reasons they are always hiring.


Also, most jobs tip 10-20$ per mover on average. Usually if you get in with a good crew you can bang out 2 jobs a day.


Good luck.

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