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Extralife Tournament: 2,000 points of close combat bugs!


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Hey all! So I don't have a ton of 7th ed under my belt (4-5 games), but Splinx was nice enough to let me join in for the Extralife tourny and Indytims was nice enough to lend me some painted Nids, as my army is all grey plastic. 


Looking at what he had available, I decided to go with the theme of Close Combat Bugs! i just wanted to run it past the rest of you. Like I said, I'm not very seasoned to 7th ed, so I wanted to make sure something like this would be OK / fair for a totally casual environment. 


Swarmlord (HQ)


3 Tyrant Guard


30 Hormaguants (Toxin Sacs)

20 Hormaguants (Toxin Sacs)


19 Genestealers (+ Broodlord w/ Scything Talons)

20 Genestealers

20 Genestealers


Carnifex w/ Bone Mace

Carnifex w/ Bone Mace


Nary a gun to be found! Monsters bust open armor, little bugs eat the gooey center, and I pray there are no fliers.

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If you have them available I might suggest another source of synapse. While 3 guard and a swarmlord is a fair amount of T6 3+ saves, once they're gone the rest of your army except genestealers will be subject to instinctive behavior. And they're low enough LD that they will become quickly uncontrollable. So, while this list could definitely be fun, once the swarmlord is down, it may become less enjoyable for you. Watching your 50 hormagaunts kill themselves could be sad.


And, another source doesn't offer up a giant shift in power by any means. It also means you don't have to have one big old blob (minus genestealers), and can split things up!


Other options that still fit with theme of all CC, no pew pew:

  • Tyrant
  • Tyranid Prime
  • Tyranid Warriors
  • Shrikes
  • Trygon Prime
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