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Legion Fellblade (with dwarfs, I know heresy)


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So this is my first time really doing any large scale conversions. I didn't like the exposed treads as I thought why have 1 of the more vulnerable parts of a tank exposed like that?  Then the army I am working on is a Norse Mythology themed techno barbarian army.  Since in Norse lore dwarfs were the master smiths of the Gods I found it fitting that they would be the tank builders/operators for my army.


Other than that, used the hairspray technique and my airbrush to paint this guy up. Kind of happy with how the hairspray and salt turned out, some spots it is pretty meh, when I got the tank it was missing 1 of the turret parts so I decided instead of waiting to find a replacement I would make use of my dwarf cannons and used them with a sawed plastic bottle and AoS shield to make new side turrets.


In the future I am planning on adding more of the blue to the tank. I think coming up from the side and over the top around the large shields would break up the white a bit. Then once I actually learn how to use it properly I want to add some weathering pigments to it as well.





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Why I love this tank and 40k in general:

1) Alright Smeggi, it's your job to guard the exposed fuel tanks on our armored behemoth. Here's your flamethrower.

2) Welcome to gunnery school cadets, today we'll be learning about the LX-9000. With 10.21 gigawatt pulses you'll have a range of about 400 meters and a firing rate of one shot per four seconds. Bertha here will punch through any armor short of Ceides class orbital lander prows. Any questions? Yes, you in the back...Yes, of course there's room in the turret for your battle-axe.


Fantastic stuff and I can't wait to see more!

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