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side note from my KoW tournament last weekend(infinity)...

Don't Panic

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so Peanut and I went up to Seattle last weekend and Nakedpanda(and his awesome better half) graciously took us poor kids in for the saturday night.  Talked quite a bit about fantasy and infinity but also got to see his really awesome paint setup and he showed us his prototype terrain.  Pretty sure both Peanut and I will be purchasing it when he drops it into production(within a month or so? correct me if im wrong NP).  Ive gotta have it cause it is just such a cool piece... just letting you guys know you should consider getting something from him for xmas.  local and cool guy and really thoroughly thought through his reasoning in design for his terrain(i had no idea what he meant by 'paintball infinity' until he described it!).  

also if you listen to mayacast he gets mentioned in the most recent episode 59!


so visit this site when it drops: http://topdownterrain.com/




PS: if you are looking for awesome scatter terrain and of course trays i dont think you should look elsewhere lol.



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