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Does anyone care about Mek gun size?


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The new Mek gun kit is cool (especially the grot crew) but the scale creep is ridiculous. The new model is about twice the size of the old one. Now I am not about to spend hundreds of dollars to replace all my current big gunz to this new standard. A lot of them were scratch built or converted but I always got really close to the old standard size. The new kit only has the fancy gadget type weapons and not the basic kannon or lobba, so are those weapons supposed to be physically smaller?


Considering there are two drastically different size standards, would anything between the old size and the new plastic kit be acceptable to field? I'm about to convert a few more mek gunz and it would be easier if they didn't have to be huge.

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When multiple sizes of models exist, using either is generally acceptable. (I've been using my old metal-plastic hybrid Broadsides for years now with no complaints.) With specific regards to Mek Gunz, I would say anything smaller than a 40mm base would really be pushing it, and probably something more fitted to a 60mm base would be appropriate- they are artillery with Toughness 7, after all.

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