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Feb 20, Early-War 2016 FoW Tournament @GG (official thread)


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Unfortunately I won't be able to make this one.  Baby is due on the 14th and I can't abandon Mom and Baby for a whole day 6 days after he's born.

Good news, bad news.

NW: Between the SeaTac/Olympia/Lacey groups, Salem guys and PDX, we might have a major tabletop event at least once a month this year.

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Thx 4 suggestion.

Posted tourny announcement and link to this thread on BF forum (Events and Tournaments)


"USA, Oregon, Portland, PacNW Flames of War Early War 2016 Tournament (1550 pts)"
posted to Forum Of War: Forums > What's Happening


Also sent post to NHMGS yahoo group.

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Tournament promotion:

Also posted our announcement in these online spaces:
 - - yeah, i already hear some of you saying "nobody uses those anymore" - but you might be surprised

    - - - and if I can get one or two gamers out of their 'FoW-retirement' and back into the game, then it is worth the effort to reach out

    Battlefront > Forum > Tournaments and Events

QUES: Are there any other places I can promote this event?


If someone wants to promote our tournament on Twitter and/or Facebook, please do.

If you have  a blog, then please consider posting the link to this thread.

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Where are the French Foreign Legionnaires?

    ...Rommel's and Guderian's Panzers?

       ...the "Banzai!" Japanese?

          ...the "8 Million Mayonets"?

             ...the BEF? or the British 8th Army/Indian?

                ...Mannerheim's Finns?

                   ...the LRDG

                      Dutch? Belgians? Norwegians?

I hope that this tournament does not become a SitzKrieg

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