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Fantasy Flight Games Announces RuneWars Miniatures Game


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At Gencon this year, FFG did a big splash of RuneWars.


Couple of thoughts...


Rank and File troops seen below.  Interlocking bases.

But also round bases.


Seems also interesting to me that since FFG and GW are in bed with some other IP's, this seems like it would be a direct competition with AoS.







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 Cant copy the link page for this game,humm


 It will come up under a quick google search though.


 Anyhow it seems to be a sort of XWing type gameplay with each unit having a movement/action dial of sorts along with cards for stats and customization.I never really got into Xwing much but I do love the movement dial simultaneous planning gameplay.


 I cant find were it says the models will be prepainted or not,,if not Im gonna be all over this game for sure!



  Found it,,confirmed they come unpainted:)

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 Oh yeah,,AoS minis are top tier for sure:)


 These look OK and im sure there will be some sculpts that are better than others.The main thing im interested in following is how the game plays with plotted movement and variable shaped/sized blocks of troops.Could be a hit,,and of course could be a dud with all the shots being taken at the miniatures games market now,heh.

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There is currently a story on Bells I think that covers it. They have a web page up at FFG that describes some of the mechanics. Seems to be an actual rank and file game as opposed to a skirmish game ah la AoS. It also appears that FFG's tactic will be to release two army boxed sets as expansions...as opposed to just releasing individual units and such. But that is just speculation based upon what I read.

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