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W: 40K Gothic ruins


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A few exist at GG in their bits bin.


I've a few, but they are assembled and poorly painted - I was very new to 40k when I got this starter set.

I'll get a picture. My version of painted and assembled may differ and might not be worth your time. Though if you do like them, I'd be happy to pass them to you for free, as mine have been sitting too long and need a new home. 

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That's two cd's glued together for the base. Projected didn't turn out, both in modeling and paint, but I figure you could make it work. Stairs are popsicle sticks. Used to have an altar where that square bit was, but it looked odd because there wasn't enough space on that second level. Couldn't find the other ruin, don't think I have it anymore. Free for you, provided I don't have to ship or drive it anywhere. I'd be happy to hand off at GG or leave it at WOW in their locker. 

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