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Game Night 12/11


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Yes folks, that's right, it's time once again for the Ordo Fanaticus Sunday Game Night extravaganza!




Infinity - In the Near Future, there is only shiny and catgirls!

30K with the amazing Matt and Rose City Horus Heresy!

The Best Bitx Box in the Portland Metro Area!

and more!


Come one, come all, to the Ordo Clubhouse, starting at 4:00PM for your Sunday Funday!

Can't wait to see you there!

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I have Necrons looking for 1500/1750pt games, willing to face 30k lists.  (Is there any issue with 40k armies facing 30k armies?  I have no issue with it, however I don't know 30k rules, only 40k.)


If anyone is up for 40k or Kill Team I can do that too.  40k I'd be looking for a 1k game with my fledgling Guard army, Kill Team I can do Guard or Necrons.

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I'll be showing up with some molding and casting material for an info sharing session.  Jay and I have had some real interesting conversations recently and I've been wanting to share what I know and see what else I have to learn.  


Materials I'll be bringing:


Oomoo 25 (2 part silicone rubber mold, 10 minute working/75 minute cure)

Smoothcast 300 (2 part resin white plastic casting material, 120 second working/10 minute curing time)

HydroCal (some sort of dental plaster, 10 minute working/ 2 hour curing)


I have some molds that I've created that I will be bringing.  There won't be time to pull off a 2 piece mold, but maybe we can make a single piece mold and get the first piece out of it.  


Oh, I'll bring some Infinity too... 

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