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Ham Slamwich 2017 - 9th Age Tournament in Bellingham on 2/18


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The Bellingham Warhamsters are hosting a 9th Age tournament on February 18th and we have about 10 slots still open! Here is the event info:




and here is a tournament packet:




Go ahead and check in here if you're planning to attend and I'll save you a spot. If you want to submit your list, PMing me on here is probably the best way, but I'll also take emails to smashthedean at gmail or lists posted in this thread. Hope to see you there!

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You might have picked the magic weekend for me. I'll be in Silverdale that weekend so my wife can go to a baby shower. Still quite a drive but a heck of a lot closer than Portland.



Going to get together with the wife after work and see if I can make this happen! :cool:


Sounds good on both counts! I'll put you both down as tentative, just let me know when you hear one way or the other!

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Thanks for hosting the tournament @Smashthedaen! It's nice to see the entire PNW T9A community in one room (one manly tear...)

I would personally like to recognize the beautifully hand-crafted sportsmanship sheets. Really a testament to the wargaming hobby.


Personal take aways: 

1.3 is a larger change from 1.1 than I expected (these were probably my... 3rd-5th games with 1.2/3) Gonna have to rethink how the army needs to work.

Meat grinders++

Plague Disciples++

Shamanism only seems good when not being cast on Rats-at-Arms. Back to Comet: the lore?

Probably need to go 2+ AS on my Doomblade Tyrant. I'll probably still fail my saves but at least I'll have a chance

T5 Dreadmills really... are not T6. Gotta play them different. Which means hiding until later.

Colds take way too long to get back to 100%.

Dane is no longer the primary suspect in the Great Movement Tray Heist of 2017. 

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Was a good time had a few takeaways from my first time out;


1. Always ambush miners, and don't give them shields. They are also amazing.

2. Organ guns are good..but pricey and not sure if just having 2 much cheaper flame cannons would be better.

3. Magic was actually less impressive then I thought. I had 0 magic defense and I don't think I ever really cared about more then 1 or 2 spells all game.

4. 5++ ward vs shooting sounds good...but ultimately wasn't really necessary.


I liked the dwarves but looking forward to getting back into my O&G and prepping for OFCC

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